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FedEx Cargo is a transportation courier company that delivers packages of overnight courier services. Worldwide, it has expertise in freight services and is located in Memphis, Tennessee.If you open a business account, you will come across many discounts and coupons that can help you conveniently take freight services. 

Get Everything Know About What if my FedEx Cargo package is delivered late?

In case you are dealing with some inconvenience related to delivery and your FedEx Cargo package delivery has not been delivered to you yet, don’t worry you need to worry; you can follow the given below procedure, track your item and get your delivery on time:

  • Delivery delayed means FedEx cargo has come across a hurdle with your order. It is unusual that your delivery has yet to be delivered to you on time.
  • In that case, you only have to track your order and be less worried.
  • Tap FedEx tracking to track the status of your package.
  • Now, view the delivery exception in the Travel History Section.
  • You can also review the tracking items and delivery status on the FedEx tracking page. 

Why is my FedEx cargo package stuck in transit? 

When your FedEx cargo package is in transit, it means it is out for delivery and on the way for delivery. It does not mean your package is in a moving vehicle such as a truck or aircraft. However, it has yet to reach its final destination and is still unavailable for pickup at a FedEx retail location. It is a FedEx sorting facility. 

If your package status shows that your delivery is ‘in transit, just remember the given below 


  • You do not need to worry; your package has already started its journey. 
  • Keep updated about your package by continuing to keep tabs on your package with regular status updates. 

If you need to learn to track your order when a FedEx Cargo package has yet to be delivered on time, follow the steps below.

  • Login to your account.
  • Enter Tracking ID.
  • Tap Get Status Update to access notifications and view current status updates.
  • Choose whatever methods of communication to receive notifications via phone or email address.

How long can a FedEx cargo package be delayed? 

If your4 FedEx cargo package has not been delivered on time and it has been delayed, and you are clueless about how long the FedEx cargo package has been delayed, given below are the instructions that will follow up:

  • For approvals or customer instructions, your FedEx cargo package will hold shipments for ten days.
  • If there is no feedback from the customer, we will return the shipment to its original place on the eleventh day. 
  • FedEx will also apply an “Import bondage fee” if customers do not clear their allowance within three days of shipment. 

Why does FedEx cargo have so many delays?

The reasons are many, from weather to incorrect address to needing to clear documents. However, you can track your orders and call customer service in case of inconvenience. Below, we have discussed all the reasons that can be possible why your FedEX cargo has so many delays:

  • Due to its popularity, FedEx cargo has to deal with multiple people, and millions use it daily. That the result is that it has to move a million packages daily. 
  • Weather condition is also one of the reasons that your shipment is getting delayed. Due to such foreseen circumstances and unexpected situations, your FedEx cargo shipment has yet to be delivered on time.
  • In case you have given FedEx cargo the wrong address for delivery, in such circumstances, it would be impossible for FedEx cargo to deliver the shipment on time. 
  • If your document still needs to be cleared, FedEx cargo will hold your shipment until you do not give them all the required documents for shipment. 

Can you call FedEx cargo to see where your package is?

Yes, there are many different ways through which you can track your order and find out where your package is : 

Track your package service:

Track your package by entering your Track ID and viewing the current status of your order.

Call service:

  • Call +1 (347) 695-1687. To get information and updates about your tracking order. 

Text message service:

  • You can also text “follow” + your door tag number to 48773 and stay updated about your tracking order.

This is all you need to know !

So, now you know through which you can track delayed orders and are less worried about your shipment. 


A. Track your package for updates. If it's significantly delayed, call +1 (347) 695-1687 for assistance and information on next steps.

A. FedEx offers refunds for certain service failures. Contact +1 (347) 695-1687 to inquire about eligibility and the refund process.

A. Depending on the service used, compensation may be available for late deliveries. Contact +1 (347) 695-1687 to discuss your specific case.

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