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The Terms of Use apply to your access to use this website and are related to all travel products, services and content. It is considered a legal agreement between you and AirlineBookingAgent.com. and about its subsidiaries and affiliates. You should read it carefully by accessing the specific site; by doing this, you accept these Terms of Use.

By reading the Terms of Use, you agree that any dispute with due respect to the Terms of Use or the website will be resolved regardless of your residence or even in place of business operation. We, AirlineBookingAgent.com, are supposed to modify the travel site at any time by

  • Eliminating or including the content and feature of the travel site
  • Any fees or charges for the use of the travel site and
  • The terms of Use

You can use the travel site continuously conditioned upon the Terms Of Use while you use the site.

Third-Party Service Providers

We are here to inform you that specific products, services and contents on the travel site are provided by third parties or the service providers, including the air carriers, hotels, car rental agencies, cruise lines, tour operators, insurance carriers and other suppliers. Moreover, specific software and data found on the travel site are the copyrighted property of the service providers, third-party service providers, and distributors.


We act as a travel agent and service provider, and no joint venture, partnership, employment, agency, or fiduciary relationship exists between you and AirlineBookingAgent.com. We act as an individual and independent contractor, assist you in finding the best travel suppliers, and are ready to make arrangements for your requirements. We consider various factors in providing you with the best travel supplies and specific itineraries before recommending you. In addition, we want to inform you that particular suppliers pay us a commission and incentives to reach the sales targets and related goals.

On the other hand, specific suppliers also provide us with compensation for several other marketing and administrative services for what we perform for them. It includes granting them access to our marketing channels, participating in our various marketing programs, and supporting our technological initiatives. Apart from that, we also receive compensation from suppliers when our customers use multiple forms of payment for supplier’s products and services, and we inform that from time to time, we might involve in other business relationships with our suppliers.

The levels and types of compensation and the incentive we receive are subject to change per the requirements. We consider several factors before identifying our suppliers and recommending itineraries that include supplier availability, your preferences, and the arrangements we have to book for your travel based on our company’s travel policies. We maintain a good relationship with our suppliers and might influence those we identify recommending the itineraries.

Use Of The Travel Site

You can use our travel site for your legitimate reservations and to purchase our products but do not use the site for any other purpose like making any fraudulent reservation or any other reservation in anticipation of demand. You are not supposed to use software or technological methods to monitor or copy the web pages and the data found on the travel site. You are not even supposed to copy the link to the travel site without the prior permission of AirlineBookingAgent.com. Without prior written authorization, you should not use the travel site to violate any law, rule or regulation or incorporate any other part of the travel site to another website. You acknowledge that you will not use the site for prohibited violations and restrictions. When you breach these obligations, you may automatically become unauthorized to use our travel site.

Terms Of Purchase

Additionally, separate terms and conditions are added for our applicable service providers mentioned your reservation. It is even suitable for purchasing products and services on the travel site. You agree to follow all the terms and conditions applicable for payments in due compliance appliance to the service provider’s policies and restrictions regarding the availability and use of our fares, products and other services. You need to understand that violation of rules and regulations might result in

  • Forfeiting money paid for any reservation or products
  • Cancellation of your reservation or purchase of the product
  • Denied access to flights, hotels and other services and products
  • Debiting your account for any cost that we incur as a result of such violations

You agree that you are responsible for all the charges, fees, duties and taxes arising from your violated travel site use.

Age And Responsibility

It would be best if you represented that you are of legal age to use the travel site. It is necessary to create a binding legal obligation for any liabilities that might occur due to the use of the travel site. You also agree to overlook all the use of the travel site to monitor whether the minor age group is using your name or account. It would help if you acknowledged that all the information provided by you or your family members involved in using the travel site remains true and correct. You agree that you are responsible for all the travel sites you and your family operate in your name and account. We have all rights to deny anyone access to the travel site for any reason and anytime, including no limitation for violating these Terms Of Use.

No Warranties

You are responsible for all the risk factors while you use the travel site and for the products and services available on the travel site. We do not warranty any service or products available on the travel site as the products and services are available on an “As Is” and “As Available.” basis.

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