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Breeze Airways offers a flight change within 24 hours of purchase. Anyhow, you will be responsible for service fees if you want to change your flight after 24 hours of the purchase period. They will calculate based on the discrepancy between your initial and updated flights.

Does Breeze allow flight changes within 24 hours of purchase?

Yes, Breeze Airways has a Flight Change Policy that allows you to rebook your flight free of charge within 24 hours of purchase, as long as the following conditions are met:

- At least 168 hours before departure date in advance.

- Breeze Airways must operate the flight.

- The flight must originate from the United States.

- If there is a higher fare difference, passengers must pay the additional amount.

- If there is a lower fare difference, the remaining fare will be refunded as Breeze Airways points.

How to request flight changes with Breeze Airways?

You can request a flight change from Breeze Airways by three methods: online, by phone, or by visiting the airport.

Changing your Breeze Airways ticket online is a simple and easy process. Here are steps on how to change it:

  1. Open the Breeze app or and sign into the account you used to make the reservation.
  2. Find the "My Trips" tab.
  3. Choose the reservation you want to change or cancel.
  4. Select "View Flight Options" to go to the Flight Actions page.
  5. Click the "Change Flight" tab to change your flight.
  6. Enter the new flight information and choose the appropriate new flights.
  7. Make any necessary payments for any fees linked with the modification, if appropriate.
  8. To complete the procedure, confirm the changes.

Kindly follow the following instructions to modify your Breeze Airways flight via telephone.

  1. Dial the toll-free number +1-347-695-1687 of Breeze Airways customer service.
  2. Furnish your booking reference number or any required details to authenticate your reservation.
  3. Provide the modifications you wish to make to your flight tickets, such as altering the date, time, or destination.
  4. If there are fees involved in the change, you have to be ready to pay.
  5. Verify the changes with the customer care agent and request an updated itinerary via email or text.

Here's what you can do if you're at the airport and need to modify your flight ticket:

  1. Proceed to the Breeze Airways check-in counter and advise the agent of your desired adjustments.
  2. Give your reservation information and explain whether you need to adjust your flight date, time, seat, or luggage.
  3. The representative will evaluate your reservation and tell you of any fees or charges that may apply to the requested adjustments.
  4. If you agree to the charges, the agent will change your reservation and provide you with a revised itinerary. 
  5. The agent may provide a new boarding pass to reflect the modifications if you've already checked in.
  6. Before you board your aircraft, double-check your updated itinerary and boarding card to ensure that all modifications have been applied correctly.

Breeze Airways Change Flight Fee

Breeze Airways charges fees that typically fall between 50 and 200 USD for each passenger per segment. For the most current and detailed information about flight change fees, it is advisable to call customer service or visit Breeze Airways' website.

How To Change the Name of Breeze Airways?

To change your name on Breeze Airways, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official website of Breeze Airways.
  2. Login to your airline account by clicking the "My Trips" tab.
  3. Enter your booking number and last name in the required fields to access your ticket.
  4. Once your ticket is displayed, review the available options for editing and click on the "Edit Name" icon.
  5. Please make the necessary changes to your name on the ticket, ensuring it matches the information on your government-approved document.
  6. If there are any service charges, pay as instructed.
  7. After submitting the required document and paying the charges, you will receive a new ticket with the corrected name.

Breeze Airways Name Change Fee

After being acquainted with the necessary procedures and policies, it is critical to comprehend the fees associated with changing the name of Breeze Airways. Here are some crucial items to remember:

  • This service is free if you request a name change within 24 hours of booking.
  • The airline will charge a service fee if a name change is requested after 24 hours of purchasing a ticket.
  • The cost of altering the name on your access begins at $10.


A. Changes to your Breeze Airways flights are free until 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Your price will be lost if you do not make any modifications and do not board the aircraft.

A. Please note that Breeze Airways imposes a fee for modifying your flight, with costs varying from $30 to $150 per passenger per flight. The price amount will vary based on the fare type and the change's timing. To obtain accurate information regarding the fee, it is recommended to contact the airline directly.

A. Breeze Airway has a policy of not charging any change fees for its customers. If you need to modify your travel plans after booking a Breeze Airways flight, you will not incur any extra costs for adjusting your itinerary. Contact Breeze Airways for further information.

A. Breeze offers a "Cancel for Any Reason" option for non-refundable tickets. You can cancel the reservation for any reason up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure time.

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