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United Airlines, Inc. is a significant American airline which is based at the Willis Tower in Chicago, Illinois. It utilizes a large domestic and international route network spanning cities large and small across the United States and all six occupied continents.

When you book a flight with an airline, they formulate a ticket with your confidential data, enclosing your name. If your name is misspelled on the flight ticket, it can potentially lead to problems during the check-in process, security checks, and boarding. It is crucial to have your name accurately spelled on the ticket to avoid any problems. To rectify this, you must have to contact United Airlines' customer support or the agency through which you booked the ticket. Their agents will navigate you through the steps to rectify the spelling mistake and furnish a smooth travel experience.

United Airlines wrong name on ticket

If your United Airlines ticket has the wrong name, it's crucial to address this promptly. Contact United Airlines' customer service with your booking details and the accurate name spelling. Explain the error and request assistance for correction, providing necessary documentation like your passport. They'll guide you through the correction process, which may involve online submissions or assistance. Confirm any associated fees and review the updated ticket for accuracy.

How to change misspelled name on United airline ticket?

Sure, here's a summarized version of how to change a misspelled name on a United Airlines ticket:

  • Contact United Airlines' customer service immediately.
  •  Provide booking reference, flight details, and correct name spelling.
  • Explain the misspelling issue clearly.
  •  Be ready to share official documents with the correct name.
  • Follow the airline's guidance for the correction process.
  • Check if any fees apply for the correction.
  • Request confirmation of the corrected name.
  • Review the updated ticket for accurate name spelling.

United Airlines Misspelled Name change fees

Here we have made an effort to furnish you with all the relevant information regarding United Airlines' name change fees:

  • Minor Spelling Errors

Small misspellings might be corrected without a fee

  • Legal Name Changes

Name changes due to legal reasons (e.g., marriage) often don't incur fees; documentation is required.

  •  Ticket Type

 The type of ticket you have can influence the flexibility of name changes.

  • Non-Correction Changes

Significant name changes or transferring tickets may result in a fee.

Can I Correct the United Airlines Misspelled Name On Boarding Pass Online?

Certainly! here's we have provided you a summarized version of how to Correct the United Airlines Misspelled Name On Boarding Pass Online:

  • Visit United Airlines website or app.
  • Go to the "Manage Reservations" or "My Trips" section. 
  • Enter booking reference and last name.
  • Access your reservation and view flight details.
  • Look for "Edit Passenger Information" or similar option. 
  • Correct the misspelled name following prompts.
  •  Review and confirm the changes.
  •  Be aware of any associated fees.
  • Receive updated boarding pass with corrected name.

Do I Need To Put My Middle Name on My United Airlines Ticket?

Having your middle name on a United Airlines ticket is commonly suggested, particularly if your identification documents, such as your passport, include your full legal name, comprising the middle name. Nonetheless, if your middle name is not part of your legal name and does not come up on your identification documents, you may be competent to skip it from the ticket.

Here's what that you should consider:

  • Matching Identification:

 Include your middle name if it's part of your legal identification.

  • Avoid Discrepancies:

 Match your ticket name with your identification to prevent issues.

  • Ticket Changes:

 Inaccuracies might lead to correction processes and fees.

  • International Travel: 

Full name, including middle name, is vital for accurate identification, especially for international trips.

  • Legal Name:

 If your middle name is not part of your legal name, you may not be required to incorporate it.


Ques. 1- Is it OK if my name is spelled wrong on a plane ticket?

Having your name spelled incorrectly on a plane ticket can lead to varying results, but it is advisable to aspire for accurate information to avoid potential difficulties. While minor misspellings may not always result in instantaneous travel disruptions, it is normally best to assure that your ticket name conforms to your identification documents, especially for international travel. Discrepancies between your ticket and identification could lead to delays or questions during security checks and immigration processes.

Ques. 2- Does your plane ticket have to match your ID exactly?

Yes, it is crucial for the name on your plane ticket to match your identification documents exactly. This alignment not only minimizes potential delays during security checks, especially for international travel, but it also adheres to airline policies that prevent fraud and unauthorized use of tickets. Sometimes mismatched names between your ticket and ID could lead to denied boarding or additional scrutiny. Therefore, maintaining consistent and accurate identification information is strongly advised.

Ques. 3- Can you fly if your name is spelled wrong on your passport?

Minor misspellings on your passport, such as a typo or a small error, might not necessarily prevent you from flying. However, it's generally recommended to have your identification documents, including your passport, match your flight booking information accurately to avoid any potential issues.

For international travel, it's particularly important to have accurate identification to avoid any difficulties at immigration and security checkpoints. Always prioritize having correct and matching information on your identification documents and flight bookings to ensure a smooth travel experience.

Here, we have put up fairly all the details about United Airlines misspelled name change process and its fees. We have also tried to answer the probable queries that customers might wonder about.

For further details, passengers should visit the official website of United Airlines.


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