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The national airline of Turkey is Turkish Airlines. On the grounds of Istanbul Atatürk Airport, at the Turkish Airlines General Management Building, is where the airline's corporate offices are located.

Are you planning to travel with your pet? You must read the policies below to comfort your pet and the boarding passengers.

If you wish to travel with your pet on Turkish Airlines, make sure to know about the Turkish Airlines Pet Policy. To add your dog, please visit the airline's official website and go to the "manage my booking" option. Fill in your login details and enter. You can choose the add pet option and provide all the details they ask for, like the age and size of your pet. Make sure you provide the vaccination certificate of your dog. If you face any issues while doing so, please feel free to contact Turkish Airlines' customer support at +1 (347) 695-1687, and they will be glad to assist you.

Do Turkish Airlines Allow Pets on the Plane?

Yes, Turkish Airlines Allow Pets on the Plane. While booking your ticket, you can add your pet and book the ticket for them. Make sure to read all of the Turkish Airlines website's terms and conditions before making a reservation for a flight with your pet.

How Much Does it Cost to Add a Dog to a Turkish Ticket?

To carry your dog with you on Turkish Airlines, you must pay an amount of approximately 150$. Please review the terms and conditions of the airline before making a reservation.Contact customer care if you need help with that, and they will do their best to help.

How Do I Avoid Turkish Airline Pet Fees?

You can not avoid Turkish Airline Pet Fees. If you want to fly with your pet, you must pay the fixed fee that the airline specifies in accordance with their terms and conditions. Please read all the terms and conditions and the pet policy provided by the airlines on their official website.est solutions.

Can Cats Fly in a Cabin on Turkish Airlines?

Yes, you can bring your cat with you while traveling on Turkish Airlines. Ensure you read all the terms and conditions before taking your cat. According to the airlines, your cat must be leakproof and adequately ventilated inside the carrier. Please read all the policies that the airlines have.

How Do I Bring My Cat from Turkey?

Add your cat while you book the ticket for yourself. Go to the official website of the airline and go to the managed booking option. Enter all the details and buy the ticket for your pet. While leaving for the airport, ensure you carry your pet inside the required carrier as per the airline's rules. The carrier must fit under the seat before you and be adequately ventilated and leakproof. The airlines have all the right not to allow your pet inside the cabin if it does not follow the pet policy of the airlines.

Turkish Airlines Pet Weight Limit

If you are flying with your dog, the weight must not exceed 14 kgs, including the carrier, and if you are traveling with your cat, the weight, including the carrier, must not exceed 10 kgs. Ensure you read the policies the airlines provide on their official website before you plan your travel with your pet. If you face any issues, read all the terms and conditions the airlines provide on their official website.


Please read all the airlines' terms and conditions and pet policies on their official website before you plan your travel with your pet. If you have any questions about the airlines, you may contact the support team, and they will do their best to help you.

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A. To add your dog to your Turkish Airlines flight, contact their customer service or visit their website for the pet reservation process.

A. Ensure your dog meets Turkish Airlines' size, weight, and health requirements. Check documentation and carrier guidelines.

A. Yes, Turkish Airlines charges a fee for pet transportation. Refer to their website for current pricing.

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