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Deutsche Lufthansa AG, better known as Lufthansa, is Europe's largest Airline and a leading aviation company with a global presence. Both Lufthansa's registered office and corporate headquarters are in Cologne. The principal operations base, known as the Lufthansa Aviation Center, is located at Frankfurt Airport's primary hub, and Munich Airport's secondary hub is home to a secondary Flight Operations Centre.

Employees of the erstwhile Deutsche Lufthansa, which had been ideologically affiliated with the government of Nazi Germany and dissolved after World War II, formed the business as Luftag in 1953. By adopting the Lufthansa name and emblem, Luftag carried on the established branding of the German national airline. 

If the passengers who traveled with Lufthansa lost their baggage during the prior trip, they could report this issue to the customer service team. In this article, we have informed you entirely about what to do when you lose your baggage at Lufthansa Airlines.

So stay with us till the end, and you will get answers to all your distinct questions.


Ques. 1- What happens when Lufthansa loses your luggage?

The travelers must wait at least 20 days if the baggage needs to be included or completed. If the concerned Airline is still looking for the missing bag within 20 days, they will assume it is lost baggage. And if Lufthansa Airline loses its baggage, passengers should submit the baggage receipts and list of the items carried in the lost luggage after 21 days. Snapshots of the accepted items or belongings could be summed up to simplify the process.

Ques. 2- Does Lufthansa compensate for lost luggage?

Yes, Lufthansa Airline pays back for the lost luggage, but passengers need to submit a claim to get compensation after 21 days of the lost luggage.

Ques. 3- How do I contact Lufthansa about lost baggage? 

If any passenger confronts inconvenience due to the lost luggage, he must contact the airline customer support service agent in most cases. 

Dial 516-738-4422; connecting the call with the representative will take some time. Once your call gets associated with the agent, you should kindly share the details of your lost luggage, like luggage check-in receipts and snapshots of your carried items or belongings. These snapshots make the luggage-finding process much more straightforward for the agents.

Ques. 4- How can I claim lost luggage at Lufthansa Airlines? 

To initiate the claim request of the lost baggage, the passengers must report the Baggage Irregularity Report with the customer service of Lufthansa within seven days of the arrival of the expected flight. The Lufthansa Property Irregularity Report (PIR) number is a distinctive code that tracks your lost or damaged baggage. 

Follow the below-mentioned steps to claim the lost baggage at Lufthansa :-

  • Passengers can report the issue either at the Lufthansa Baggage Counter at the Airport or Lufthansa Customer Service Counter at the Airport. 
  • Customers can also use the contact form to file complaints of lost baggage which is available on the official website. 
  • Please visit the official website of Lufthansa Airlines. 
  • Now, tap the "Contact Us" Icon to see the contact form and other contact ways. 
  • Click on the contact form link to share the details like last journey details, attach proof, and lost baggage receipts. 
  • Then submit the document.

Ques. 5- How long does it take Lufthansa to find lost baggage?

Agents at Lufthansa Airlines always try their best to find the mishandled bag and return it to the passengers. The Airline often attempts to figure out almost 80 % of lost baggage within 36-48 hours and return it to its right owners without any damage.

Ques. 6- How much does Lufthansa pay for the delayed baggage?

According to the U. S. Department of Transportation, you are entitled to compensation for reasonable incidental expenses incurred because of the delayed baggage. 

Lufthansa issued guidelines under which clothing substitutes and toiletries cannot be reimbursed for lost baggage. The Airline pays back the lost luggage to the passengers at approximately Euro 1500 to recover the customer's loss. Costly items such as money, jewelry, and laptops are not included in the liability.

Enjoy your travel experience. 



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