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When it comes to plane tickets, who doesn't want a discount? Not all of us get it. But some people can get an excellent discount for various reasons. There are airlines that have special discounts for their senior citizens. These discounts are applicable on domestic flights. In India, many airlines have these senior citizens discounts. The person eligible for this senior discount must produce a valid government-issued identity card as proof of their age. They may get a web check-in option while availing of this senior citizen concession.

Let's discuss some other factors which can get you a discount. 

  • Loyal Customer: If you have been using some particular airline for a long time, the airline can pay you via discount. 
  • Festive Season: people get huge discounts on plane tickets to travel and meet their loved ones during festivals like Christmas and Thanksgiving. 
  • Special program: You deserve discounts when you enrol for the programs by airlines.
  • Your special occasion: Airlines love to celebrate your happy moment with you, and you should not be surprised to receive a discount on your birthday or anniversary.

How much discount do senior citizens get?

People love discounts even if it saves a penny, and the more discounts you get, the happier you become. After all, it's saving money. Who would like to spend $100 if they can get the same product by spending $95? But about the senior discount, one may have to ask the airlines, 'How much discount do senior citizens get' Most of the airlines provide up to 6% of discount on base fares to people who are above 60 years. This is not a small discount.

What are senior citizen discount policies:

Most airlines offer a fixed discount on the base airfare component of the flight. This discount percentage may vary from airline to airline. Though, senior citizens have to pay all types of taxes and fees for ticket booking.

How to make a flight reservation using a senior citizen discount?

Various airlines follow different procedures for reservations. Your particular airline may have some specific approach for reservations to give discounts to senior citizens.

Here is what Air India follows

  • You must select the 'Special Fare' type as a senior citizen during your flight search. 
  • Add the number of guests eligible for the Senior Citizen Fare.
  • Choose the discounted fare and continue.
  • Fill in your date of birth with your contact details.
  • Choose add-ons, make the payment and hit continue to complete your booking.

What age is a senior discount for flights?

You can not expect the same discounts and same eligibility criteria from all the airlines. Senior discounts for flights can be different for each airline, and the airline may also have different age criteria for senior discounts. 

Though the common criteria all the airlines follow is that the person who wants a senior citizen discount must be above 60 and should produce a government-issued ID confirming their date of birth.

Which Airlines Give Senior Citizen Discounts?

Let's find out which airline gives senior citizen discount  

  • Air India gives senior citizens on-base fares. 
  • Southwest offers for senior passengers.
  • British Airways have a discount policy for seniors.
  • American Airlines provide senior discounts.
  • Delta has senior fares.
  • United has senior discounts.
  • Indigo offers a 6 % discount on base fare.
  • SpiceJet has a 10 % discount for senior citizens.  

Do seniors get discounts for flights?

Almost all the old airlines give their citizens senior discounts for flights. To avail of this privilege, senior citizens must travel with their valid proof of date of birth. The proof should be a government identity document that can verify their age, as the airline can ask for it.

You would end up paying the prevailing charges if you do not carry valid id proof. The special fare for senior citizens is generally applicable to all citizens who are above the age of 60 and can produce a genuine photo id proof reflecting their date of birth.

What age is the senior discount on airline tickets?

The age to avail of senior discount is 60 for most airlines, though you must check with your particular airline for their procedure. For example, IndiGo has up to 10% discount on base fares, and Air India has up to 25% discount on base fares for people above 60 years of age. However, senior citizens have to pay the fees/taxes. 

How can seniors travel cheaply?

Don't you want to travel at a low cost? We all want to travel with the minimum fare possible, and seniors have the privilege to travel cheaply. We can also look for the schemes and programs of the airlines to get discounted air tickets.

Here are some tips to get discounted tickets 

  • Enroll for the discount programs run by the airlines. 
  • Make a booking as early as possible.
  • Research is the key to get discounts 
  • Google Flights can be a great source of discounts. 
  • Plan when to book the flight finally
  • Whenever possible, be flexible with travel dates
  • Ask for the cheapest payment method.
  • Get an Air Pass.
  • Try and avoid flying on long weekends, as it can be the peak time of travelling.

Do Seniors get early boarding? 

There are no particular facilities for seniors to get early boarding, though some airlines may have some procedures in place for early boarding for senior travelers. But one can definitely request special assistance to get early boarding, and the airline staff shall help the seniors. 

You can also walk up the priority lane, and the airline staff will hold the main boarding group lane to admit you to your flight. You can choose to board with Group 4 if you have the Citi card / AAdvantage card or Executive World Elite Mastercard.

Discount is not the only thing a senior citizen can get. The airlines provide proper facilities for their seniors.

Let's explore some facilities here.

  • Seniors get ramps for comfortable boarding.
  • If needed, disabled-friendly toilets for seniors.  
  • Travelators, also known as escalators, so a senior can take a smooth walk. 

Do airlines have chaperones for the elderly?

If you need chaperones for your elderly traveler, you must inquire about them before the flight booking. You can contact your particular airline by calling or visiting their website. Also, check if the airline has a chat facility available. But if you are at the airport, you can get assistance from the airline staff. 

Do airlines offer assistance for the elderly?

Yes, many airlines provide wheelchairs and dedicated attendants to seniors at their ticketing counters. If you want, you can ask for a chaperone, as they will take you wherever you need to go and accompany you throughout the airport experience.


A. Yes, many airlines offer senior discounts for travelers aged 65 and older. Check with the airline directly for details and eligibility criteria.

A. Senior discounts vary by airline and route. Some flights may offer discounts, while others may not. It's best to inquire when booking.

A. The discount percentage can vary but is generally around 10% off the base fare. It's essential to verify the specific discount with the airline.

A. It's best to call our reservation line at +1 (347) 695-1687 to inquire about and book the senior discount.

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