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United Airlines is the most popular airline in the world. It is the first airline to offer non-binary booking options for customers and a more inclusive appearance standard for their customers. 

Does everything know About How to transfer United miles to Singapore Airlines?

It is a major American airline headquartered at the Willis Tower in Chicago.

How to transfer United Miles to Singapore Airlines?

United Airlines offers their passengers to travel over miles. Passengers get the advantage of better food, comfortable seats, and much more benefits by booking their tickets through miles. Some passengers raise their queries about whether they can transfer United Miles to Singapore Airlines.

So, the answer is no. United Miles does not transfer their miles to Singapore Airlines or any other airline. 

If you are willing to book your flight through miles, follow mentioned below steps:

  • Go to the official website of United Airlines.
  • Click the option of making a new booking. 
  • Fill in the details.
  • Choose the flight destination and plan according to your convenience.
  • To book a flight from miles, you need to choose the option miles from the payment option and make the payment through the payment option. 
  • Once payment is done, you will get the confirmation of booking a flight. 

How to book United Airways with Singapore Airlines?

It is not possible to book a new flight for Singapore Airlines by using United Miles. Also, United Airways does not provide any such facility. In order to use United Miles, you need to travel from United Airways. If you want to earn miles, passengers can enroll themselves in a frequent flier program and earn many miles.

Can I earn United Miles on Singapore Airlines?

No, you can not earn United Miles while traveling from Singapore Airlines. Star Alliance is the world’s largest airline alliance founded by five airlines, joined by Asian, American, and European Airlines. 

United and Singapore Airlines are also part of this alliance. Like other airlines, they also have different flier programs for giving their passengers excellent world-class service and making their journey satisfactory. These flier programs gain your miles. Each airline has its own program for passengers. The programs run through different operators in each airline. They have some distinctions or some advantages. You can only facilitate miles of the airline in which you are traveling. 

Can you transfer United Miles to another airline?

No, you can not transfer United Miles to any other airline. United Miles does not provide such facilities. You will gain miles from the particular airline in which you are traveling, whether they are members of Star Alliance or not. 

In case you are a member of the MileagePlus Program, which is a prime member program, and you need to travel daily, it is not separated among the members. So, you can take the benefits of MileagePlus Points as a reward in the next flight booking.

For instance, if you earned Mileage Plus points after traveling with United Airlines, you are still getting the MileagePlus offer to redeem the points in purchasing a Lufthansa flight.

In that case, you can redeem the offer and take advantage by booking a flight from an available offer. 

How to transfer United Miles to Singapore Airlines?

To get the benefit of the frequent flier program, you need to open an account. After opening an account, you will be listed as a special passenger. Your bonus will be credited to your account after that. In case you need to transfer your miles to your spouse, family, or loved ones. 

  • Follow the given below instructions: 
  • Open the website of Mileage Plus and put your account credentials to log in. 
  • Look for the “Transfer and Buy Miles” option on the main page, and click on it.
  • Go to the tab “Transfer Miles to Another Member.” 
  • Fill in the asked details regarding name, ID, account, or email address.
  • Submit it online, and check the miles of the recipient.
  • Share miles are credited.

How much does it cost to transfer United Miles to another person?

Yes, you heard it right!

You can transfer United Miles to another person, but it is a little expensive. Through the account of the Mileage program, one can transfer miles online. 

The cost differs from airline to airline according to their need and services. 

  • You need to pay $7.50 for every 500 miles you share to your account, plus $30 charges for transferring the miles to United Airlines.
  • In other airlines, the amount of transferring miles is the same, $30.
  • If you are sharing miles between 500 to 5000, you can share more than 500 miles without extra charges.
  • If the miles you are sharing are between 5000 to 10000, then you have more than 1000 miles you can transfer.

In this manner, you can take advantage of transferring miles and enjoy your journey more. 


A. To transfer miles, first, ensure you have miles in your United account. Then, visit the United website, log in, and follow their transfer process.

A. United typically charges a fee for transferring miles. Check their website for the current fee structure.

A. Yes, certain rules and restrictions apply, such as minimum transfer amounts and processing times. Review United's transfer policies for details.

A. You can usually transfer United Miles to Singapore Airlines and its partner airlines, but availability may vary. Check with United for specific options.

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