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Southwest Airlines is famous for giving its users the wow experience. The Airline claims to invest around two billion dollars to enhance the customer's journey. Southwest Airlines is working to improve its service and enhance self-service options. The Airline has launched a facility to track your bag. 

Southwest Airlines is committed to delivering the best experience to keep its customers happy. And making the process of booking, baggage, and claim smooth.

Get discounts on Southwest to experience an amazing journey.

Whenever you plan a trip, your budget keeps you bothered. And at times, you have to cancel or delay the plan. But Southwest Airlines doesn't want you to cancel or delay your trips anymore and want you to enjoy its best flying experience with great discounts. 

If you wish to enjoy the discounts of Airlines to the fullest. Note these points to get discounts on Southwest Airlines and travel with comfort.

  • Rapid Rewards: The most simple method to get the best deal. You need to opt for the rapid rewards program. You don't have to pay any charge as joining is free, and you can get the best available discounts. 
  • Southwest Credit card: The credit card is packed with multiple benefits.
  • You can accumulate double points on each $1 spent while using it for Southwest.
  • This credit card makes you eligible for 50000 Rapid Rewards if you spend $2000 in the first three months.
  • Southwest card gives you 6000 points on every anniversary of your membership.
  • Click N Save Subscription: This feature brings all the notifications of newly launched deals of the nearest airport to your home. 
  • Rapid Rewards Shopping: This must be the most favorite feature of women who travel by Southwest Airlines. This program helps you earn Rapid Rewards Points while shopping. Wondering how you can earn by spending? Yes, you can, just sit back and go to and find its online store and then start shopping. Isn't it a cherry on the cake when you can earn Rapid Rewards Points for every item you purchase?

How to easily get discounts on your Southwest flight bookings?

Southwest Airlines gives the best deals. You just have to follow some hacks and keep an eye on various options. 

Five tips to get heavy discounts on Southwest flights.

  • Keep track of Southwest's Low Fare Calendar: The low fare calendar gives the picture of a monthly view of the flight rates for specific routes. Generally, you can find cheap flights from the 1st to the 9th day of the month.
  • No Early Bird: (but still want to get a good spot in the boarding line): People who don't want a late boarding number opt to purchase Early Bird Check-in for an extra charge between $15 to $25 one way (depending on the flight fare). And they get automatically checked-in, that automatic check-in helps them score a better boarding position.

However, you can still get that Early Bird Benefit without paying any extra charge and get a good seat; if you have a kid under the age of six with you, You can take this advantage under Southwest's Family Boarding policy. With this policy, two adults who are traveling with a child who is under 6 can board just after the "A" group, even if they have got positions in "B' or "C" groups. This means a family of four saves up to $100 each of Early Bird Check-in charges with the Family Boarding policy.

  • Get free Wi-Fi: You can avail of free Wi-Fi services when you use the Rapid Rewards Performance Business Card, one of the advantages of using the card is up to 365 inflight Wi-Fi created per year. Also, the card gets you 9000 bonus points on the membership anniversary with four upgraded boardings annually. Though you won't be using Southwest's service each day, so you can use your credits to pay for your loved ones. Suppose you are traveling with your whole family, and all the family members want to use the inflight Wi-Fi. So, you just need to put all the charges on your card, and your loved ones will be covered up to 365 times each year.
  • Fly on holidays for free drinks: Get free drinks on special days while on Southwest Airlines. You must be 21 or above to enjoy this privilege. And you can have a free drink on these special days, like New Year, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and June 18, when Southwest celebrates its birthday. You can visit Southwest's website for more information. The Airline sends emails for free drink coupons on your registered email. 
  • Keep an eye on sales: Southwest puts sales on fares often, almost each Tuesday. The sales mostly apply to cash reservations.

How can you find promo codes for Southwest Airlines?

  • Southwest promo codes are quite beneficial; the easiest hack to get a promo code is to use a new card or number to book tickets. Generally new customers get welcome offers.  

  • The other way to get the promo code is to explore websites that provide a travel discount.
  • Southwest likes to take care of its old and loyal customers by providing them with promo codes frequently. 
  • The Airline is available on all the major social media platforms, so you keep an eye on these platforms to grab the promo codes.
  • The festive season can be the best opportunity to get promo codes and good discounts.
  • You can keep an eye on Southwest Airlines' website about the timing of bookings to apply the promo codes.

These are some easy hacks you can use to get the promo codes; for more information, visit the official website

What Are the Different Southwest Fares?

Southwest fares include three types 

  • Business Select
  • Anytime
  • Wanna getaway

Benefits of Business Select

  • Priority boarding A1-A15
  • Fly by the security lane
  • Get 12 Rapid Rewards Points for every dollar spent 
  • Premium drink, complimentary
  • Priority check-in lane

Benefits of Anytime

  • Spend a dollar and get 10 Rapid Rewards Points
  • Refundable flight tickets
  • Get a same-day change option with a standby option
  • Same-day change for confirmed seats

What are the other special offers on Southwest Airlines?

One of the offers with huge benefits is Group travel. This program benefits a group of ten or more people. That can be a family group, a school group, and a sports group. Let's explore the benefits of the Group Travel Program.  

  • Flexible Payments: The feature allows you to make flexible payments, and you don't have to make the payment in advance. 
  • No charges: You don't have to pay the extra amount for bookings.  
  • Unlimited name changes: You are allowed to make name changes until 72 hours of departure. 
  • Round Trip: If you have 29 Group Tickets, you get one ticket free for Tour Conductor of carrier charges by paying only fees and taxes.

What is the 20 percent off code for Southwest Airlines 2023?

Rapid Rewards started a promotional offer with which customers can use 20% off base fares. They simply have to use SAVE20NOW while booking to get the discount. You can visit to learn more about the promotions.

How to get 50 percent off Southwest?

Southwest celebrated its 50th birthday in June, and launched an offer to give a 50% discount on qualifying base fares. Customers have to enter SAVE50 in the promo code box. And can avail the benefits. Users can check the terms and conditions on or speak to customer care. You can contact Southwest at the below-mentioned numbers.

  • 1-888-792-8747 for flight information
  • +1 (347) 695-1687 for group travel 
  • 1-800-435-9792 for tickets booking

You now know the various ways to get discounts on Southwest Airlines and for more details you can interact with the customer care team or visit the website


A. Join Rapid Rewards, use fare sales, book in advance, and consider off-peak travel to maximize discounts.

A. Yes, Southwest offers discounts to active-duty military personnel and their dependents. Check their website for details.

A. Calling this number may provide information, but discounts are typically secured through official channels like the website or customer service.

A. During the booking process on the website, enter your promo code in the designated field to apply the discount.

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