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Imagine traveling with your toddlers! Sounds difficult, no? Traveling with infants is not an easy job. Besides being difficult, parents/guardians also face issues of safety and other related concerns.

A Brief about American Airlines Infant Policy

But no worries at all! American Airlines has come up with an infant policy to accommodate infants with concerned passengers. The policy has been introduced for smoothening the travel experience.

If you are also traveling with your infant child and are planning to board American Airlines, then this is all you need to know:

What is American Airlines’ infant policy?

The following are the rules that passengers need to adhere to while following the infant policy of American Airlines:

  1. Infants can be carried on the laps. However, passengers can also book seats for their infants to make the experience more relaxing.
  2. Passengers to be carrying infants need to reach the airport earlier than the desired time. This would help them with a convenient and timely security check-in. 
  3. Passengers should carry a registered id-proof (such as a birth certificate) of their children stating their real age.
  4. Infants travel is free of any charges till the time they have been carried on their parent’s lap or an adult’s lap (a person being above 18 years of age)
  5. A single child or only an infant can be carried on a ticketed person’s lap. Such travelers are also advised to acquire an infant safety seat.
  6. An infant should be under two years of age to travel for free on the lap. Infants of two years or above need to have a separate seat.

Passengers carrying infants during the trip need to follow the above guidelines. Any action taken by the passengers which are beyond the scope of the given guidance cannot hold the airlines liable.

How to add a lap child on American Airlines?

Passengers can add their infants to American Airlines by dialing the customer service number of American Airlines. They can give all their relevant information such as their booking reference number and surnames to the agent over the call. The representative would add the lap child to the traveler’s ticket as soon as he would get all the details.

Does American Airlines require a child travel consent form?

In general, in cases where the child travels with either of the parents or both parents then there is no need for any child travel consent form. However, where both parents are absent during the child’s trip then the travel consent form becomes necessary.

How to add an infant after booking American Airlines?

Passengers can add infants after booking tickets with American Airlines with the help of the customer support department. Passengers just need to take care of the guidelines as specified under the Infant policy. 

How to add an infant to an American Airlines flight?

Passengers can easily add infants to American Airlines by following the given steps: -

  1. Visit and go to the ‘My Trips’ tab.
  2. Enter the surname of the traveler along with the booking reference number.
  3. Press the ‘Find Reservation’ option.
  4. Your booking track will be shown.
  5. Now click on the ‘add infant on lap’ option in the ‘passengers’ tab.
  6. Proceed to make the payment to confirm your bookings.

This is all about the Infant Policy of American Airlines and other related details. Hope this may have helped you get all the answers to your various queries.

For more information, passengers may visit the official website of American Airlines.

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A. Contact American Airlines at +1 (347) 695-1687 or visit their website to add an infant to your booking during the reservation process.

A. Infants must be under 2 years old to qualify as lap infants on American Airlines. They fly for free but do not have their own seat.

A. Ensure you have your infant's birth certificate or passport and any necessary travel documents when flying with them on American Airlines.

A. American Airlines offers services such as changing tables in lavatories and priority boarding for passengers traveling with infants.

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