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Ethiopian Airlines is reachable for all types of queries, and there is a dedicated space to learn the policy on baggage charges. Click here and check the costs for extra bags Optional Service Charges  

Grab The Details To Know About How much will I pay for extra baggage in Ethiopian airline?

There is a long list of terms and conditions on baggage policy, and some of them are mentioned below.

From Washington DC, Newark, New York (JFK), Chicago to Addis Ababa and beyond. 

  • $225.00 has to be paid for each additional bag up to 23 kgs or (50lb) through all the destinations. 
  • $275.00 will be applied for each extra bag of 23 kg (50lb) on the sector from Washington, Chicago, Newark, and New York JFK to Asmara.
  • For passengers outside the USA, visit Ethiopian Worldwide Contacts 
  • If you are traveling from the USA, visit Baggage Policy for more details.   

Can I check in 3 bags on Ethiopian Airlines?

Ethiopian Airlines is here to take your burden off and help you carry some extra weight on the airline. To get more information on baggage policy, give us a call to get support and assistance on the details of bags you can carry with Ethiopian.

Call the preferred number for information on extra luggage

  • United States, California +1 (347) 695-1687

We have contact numbers for customers around the world. If your preferred number is not mentioned above, see the second list below.

  • United Arab Emirates +1 (347) 695-1687

Ethiopian Airlines Baggage Allowance Policy

The baggage you can carry on a flight depends on a lot of factors. Here is some general information on baggage policy. 

  • The limit of weight for a single bag is 32 kg. 
  • Dimension should not be more than 158CM (62 inches)  
  • If you travel from the USA and the first airline you travel with is not Ethiopian, different rules may apply as per that particular airline. 
  • Some baggage with irregular shapes may not be accepted, such as protruding edges or drum shapes. Or poorly packed items. 
  • Visit the Ethiopian General Baggage Information for all the general policies on baggage allowance.

What is the free baggage allowance on Ethiopian Airlines?

You pay for a specific weight of baggage when you buy a ticket. The baggage allowance depends on the booking type and your destination. 

Local policy on baggage allowance

  • The maximum weight you can carry as per single baggage for business class is 32 kg
  • People of economy class can carry 23 kg 

Visit the link for complete details on baggage policy Baggage Allowance         

How many kg does Ethiopian airline allow?

You have to keep specific points in mind when you travel with Ethiopians and want to understand the conditions of baggage policy.

Factors to learn

  • The flight you want to travel, such as domestic travel and international travel.
  • The flight class you travel on, the limit of baggage depends on business or economy class.  
  • The baggage limit depends on the plane the airline service is using.

Explore the link to learn more factors Baggage Allowance 

What if I exceed my free baggage weight allowance on an Ethiopian flight?

You may have to pay a hefty amount if you exceed the baggage limit on Ethiopian.

Expect a ‘Hefty Bag Charge’ of $ 60.00 for each extra bag you carry. To check more details on it, visit Optional Service Charges.


A. Extra baggage fees vary by route and destination. Please check Ethiopian Airlines' official website or contact them for specific pricing.

A. Visit the Ethiopian Airlines website and use their baggage fee calculator for accurate pricing based on your route and baggage weight.

A. Yes, you can contact Ethiopian Airlines customer service at +1 (347) 695-1987 for assistance with your baggage-related queries.

A. Children typically have the same baggage allowance as adults. Check Ethiopian Airlines' policy for any exceptions or discounts for children.

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