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EgyptAir is the flag carrier of Egypt and is one of the most renowned airlines based at Cairo International Airport serving different destinations.EgyptAir has introduced various policies for its passengers to resolve their issues and render solutions to their problems.

Learn The ways To Change A Flight Date on EgyptAir

One of the most frequent issues that passengers face is the change in the dates of their booked flights.

There may be cases where passengers need to make changes to the dates of their booked flights on account of some reason. Such passengers who are struggling with the date change can easily refer to the EgyptAir flight change policy and get redressals for their problems.

Let us learn more about the flight change policy of EgyptAir:

How much does change an EgyptAir flight date cost?

The flight change policy allows passengers to make changes to their travel dates either through online mode (by visiting the official website) or by making use of offline mode (by making calls to the customer support department). 

If passengers make changes to their travel dates within 24 hours then they can do it easily without paying any extra charges. Along with this, the one-time change to the flight date is allowed free of cost.

In other cases, costs to make changes vary as per the fare type, ticket type as international or domestic, and other related factors.

Making changes to the dates of international costs between $30 to $200, and making changes to a domestic flight, costs between $75 to $275. 

Any changes in the above-mentioned costs will be on account of the various factors (fare type, ticket type, travel routes, etc.) as discussed above.

What is EgyptAir’s seat change process?

EgyptAir’s seat change policy is easy to adhere to. It allows its customers to make changes to the seat either before or after the reservation confirmation.

Passengers can make changes to their seats either by visiting the official website or by making calls to the customer support department.

The detailed process to make changes online is discussed as under:

  • Visit the official website of EgyptAir.
  • Scroll to the ‘manage bookings’ tab on the home page. Click on it.
  • Now enter your reservation number along with your last name, and jump to the next.
  • A new page would appear. Click on the ‘change my flight’ tab.
  • Follow the given guidelines to make changes to your seats.
  • It also allows you to make changes to the flight seats during the time of check-in.

What is EgyptAir Change Policy?

The following are the changes that passengers can make to different segments of EgyptAir flights:

  • The change policy of EgyptAir suggests that the changes to the flights can be made only to those portions that are unused.
  • No changes are allowed to the handed-down segments or on flight tickets.
  • No charges on the change of travel date done within 24 hours for the same destination. However, if the changes to dates lead to any higher fare differences, then customers need to pay those fare differences.
  • In case when the new fare is less than the actual then the credits are transferred to the customer’s account.
  • No refund is allowed on making changes to the tickets. Instead, the paid amount gets converted into a travel voucher that customers can redeem later for booking new flights.
  • The EgyptAir change policy allows you to make changes up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.

What is EgyptAir name change policy?

There are only certain cases where EgyptAir allows its passengers to name change. Passengers need to stay within the guidelines for changing their names on EgyptAir flights.

The process is simple and can be done by visiting the official website. It can also be done by contacting the agent of the customer support department.

What is the EgyptAir name change fee?

The charges for changing the name on an EgyptAir flight range from:

  • $30 and above for making name changes on a domestic flight.

No charges are applicable on the changes made within 24 hours of the bookings.

  • $70 and above on the changes made after 24 hours of booking on international flights.
  • Making changes within 24 hours of the bookings is free of cost on every type of flight irrespective of its travel route, destinations, fare type, etc.
  • It should be noted that all the changes will be done only on its availability. No changes will be applicable if there is non-availability of any kind.

So, these are all the insights of the Change policy of EgyptAir. Hope you find this informative!

For more details, you may also visit the official website of EgyptAir.

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Have a joyful journey!!


A. You can contact EgyptAir's customer service at +1 (347) 695-1687 for assistance with flight changes or any related questions.

A. EgyptAir's policy on free flight changes depends on your ticket type and fare rules. Review your booking or contact them for information.

A. EgyptAir may have specific deadlines for flight changes. Check your ticket or contact their customer service at +1 (347) 695-1687 for details.

A. Flight change costs depend on your ticket type, fare rules, destination, and timing of the change. Contact EgyptAir for precise details.

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