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You planned to travel to your favourite destinations after a long time and decided to choose Egypt Air as your travel partner but got an urgent Email from the office to attend an official meeting. 

You want a vacation, but this meeting will help you get a raise, and you want to take this opportunity. You have decided to attend the meeting and then go on vacation, but for that, you have to change the date on your flight of Egypt Air, and you are unsure of. 

Check out what you need to pay to cancel or change the Egypt flight.

The cost to change the date may differ for domestic and international flights. To cancel or change domestic flights the fee is $30 and for international flights $75. 

Also you can go through the chart of Egypt Air on Egypt Air Cancel and Change 

Can I Change my Flight with Egyptair

As the charges mentioned above you are allowed to make changes on your flight with Egypt Air. So you have the answer to the question, Can I Change my Flight with Egyptair. Because Egypt Air has an easy method of flight change. And you must keep some points in mind while requesting changes.

With Egypt Air, you can request changes within 24 hours as it is allowed up to 24 hours for both regional and international flights. And you can request changes only for the unused portions of the flight segment. If you are changing flights, you may have to pay the fare difference.

How much does changing a EgyptAir flight date cost

To make changes, you can visit Egypt Air.Com or call the Egypt Air customer care team. 

If you want to take advantage of free changes, request the changes within 24 hours, else you have to bear the charges. As you may have to pay from USD 30 to USD 200 for domestic flight change and from USD 75 to USD 275 for international flights.   

Egyptair Change Seat Process

You are allowed to choose your comfortable seat during booking, and to change seats after the booking is made, you have to visit the official website of Egypt Air and find Manage My Trip. If you want more clarity, you can speak to customer care and get help with a seat change. But the seat change depends on the availability of the seat. 

Follow tips to change your seat.

  • Go to Egypt Air official website.
  • Find manage my travel section
  • Enter reservation number
  • Enter the last name
  • Look for change my flight icon
  • Continue with the seat change process

Egyptair Change Policy

  • You can request changes on unused portions of the flight segment.
  • In case of a fare difference, you get travel credit in your account.
  • If the fare difference is higher, you have to pay it while applying for changes. 
  • If you request the change within 24 hours, you may not have to pay a fee, but if it is more than 24 hours, you have to pay a charge. 
  • With Egypt Air change request is allowed up to 24 hours for both regional and international flights.    

Egypt Air Flight Name Change

The name change is allowed in specific situations, and the full name cannot be changed due to airlines policy. However, you can request spelling correction in case the name is spelled wrong on your ticket. But you may have to present a valid government photo id proof with a correctly spelled name. The most important part is to request the name change within 24 hours if you don't want to pay any charge because if you fail this deadline of 24 hours, you have to pay a fee.

  • You have to pay around USD 30 for a name change on a domestic flight.
  • Pay around USD 70 for a name change on an international flight. 

EgyptAir Flight Name Change Fee

A name change fee is applicable if you don't follow the 24-hour deadline time.

And the name change fee also depends on some other factors

  • The name change fee is different for domestic flight
  • The fee may vary if you have an international flight.
  •  Within 24 hours, the name change request will be entertained for free
  • If you request a name change after 24 hours of the deadline, you may have to pay a fee.  

Any such changes can be completed through the website, or one can call Egypt Air to have a better understanding of the change policy.  


A. EgyptAir's flight date change fees vary based on your ticket type and destination. Please check their website or contact customer support for specific pricing.

A. EgyptAir's policies differ; some fare types may allow free date changes within specific conditions. Check your ticket's terms or contact EgyptAir for details.

A. You can usually change your flight date online through the EgyptAir website or by contacting their customer service. Be prepared with your booking information.

A. Yes, you can often request flight date changes at EgyptAir's airport ticket counters, but availability may depend on the circumstances and policies.

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