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This era is the era of the internet which has paved the way for managing things online.

Unlike earlier patterns where everything had to be done manually, the new generation is all set to manage things with just a single click. The logic applies to almost all fields.

Let us know how one can book flights online using Google!

Anybody who wants to book flights online using Google can visit the Google Flights website to search for different alternatives available.

You may follow the given steps-

  • Go to Google flights website and search for different options.
  • Select the desirable flight using the filter such as number of passengers, fleet type, fare type, cabin, class, destination, etc.
  • Enter the dates you want to travel on.
  • Press the search button option.
  • All the flights available within the selected filters will appear on the screen.
  • Passengers may choose the most suitable one among all.
  • Once the flight is selected, now you will be provided with the booking options.
  • Press the continue option to proceed further.
  • You will land on another page where you can select the type of seats and ancillary services.
  • Again press the continue button.
  • Now you will be required to enter your details as name, surname, etc.
  • You will proceed to the payment gateway.
  • Select the payment options.
  • Make the payment.
  • You will receive a confirmation regarding your bookings.

Just following simple steps and making bookings is not enough. One should know about the very details of Google Flight bookings.

Passengers can refer to the given frequently asked questions to know more about reserving flights via Google:

Where can I find the cheapest Google flights?

Everyone wants to have the best experiences at the cheapest packages. Google Flights help you to book cheap flights. Anybody who wants to reserve flights at the cheapest rate can – 

  • Visit the Google flight website.
  • Choose the departing city from where are planning to take the flight.
  • Do not select any other filter, leave all other fields blank.

This option is known as Google Flight Explorer. When one enters the departure city, google automatically arranges for the cheapest options available at the various agencies. When various combinations of different agencies are shown, it becomes of utmost help to the customers to browse and select the most suitable alternative.

Where do I get Google Flights to show prices?

One can easily follow the given steps to look for prices for Google flights: -

  • Go to the Google flight website.
  • Fill in the required fields and filters as type, fare, date, destination, etc.
  • All the flights as per the selected parameters will be shown on the screen
  • Prices for each flight will be shown just against the name of each of them.
  • If anybody wants to get notified about the price changes that occur regularly can toggle with the track price option.
  • Track price option will be shown at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Once the track price option gets blue, this signifies that you will be regularly updated about the changes in price if any.

How do I open Google Flights? Are Google Flights free?

Anybody who wants to open Google Flights can simply enter “Google flights” on the Google search engine. A webpage with the official website of Google would be shown up. Click on the official Google link. You will directly land on the page where you can browse for different flights and make reservations.

Now here the question arises, are Google Flights free?

So you will be glad to know that browsing Google Flights is completely free of charge. One can freely browse the website and search for various flights using different parameters of their choice.

However, one needs to pay the fare charges for reserving the flight.

Can I search for multiple airports using Google Flights?

Google Flights allow its passengers to search for multiple airports if available in a departing city. One can find the different airports in a city by tapping on the “include all airports” checkbox while browsing for various flights and can select the most suitable airport.

How to search for multiple destinations on Google Flights?

One can browse for more than one destination on Google Flights by following the given steps: -

  • Google Flights allow its passengers to expand their flight options so that they can add multiple destinations in a single field while browsing different flight options.
  • Firstly, select the destination and choose the desired airport. Then press the “+” icon and now you can add other destinations.
  • Now one can opt for the desired flight for multiple destinations.

How to book a flight on Google Flights?

People wonder how to proceed with bookings on Google Flights! So here are the simple steps that one needs to follow to make bookings via Google Flights: -

  • Visit the official website of Google Flights on the internet browser.
  • Now you need to log into your account by entering your details. This would help you to save your reservations in “My Trips”.
  • If you don’t have your account then go with the “sign up” option and create a new account. Creating an account is free of cost.
  • Now scroll to the ticketing option.
  • Now enter the requisites as to the origin, destination, date of travel, cabin class, etc.
  • Now select the trip type- round-way, one-way, or multi-trip. Now click on the proceed button.
  • Now you will have various options to choose from. 
  • Select your flight as per your preferences, making up the best deal.
  • Now enter all the details required and proceed further.
  • You will land on the next page. Select the seats if you want to or skip the option. 
  • One may select the seats at the time of check-in as well.
  • Now fill in the captcha code and proceed further.
  • This will take you directly to the payment gateway.
  • Choose the payment options and make the payment.
  • You will be given access to the tickets.
  • Download the e-ticket, or take a printout of the same.
  • A confirmation mail will be sent to you either by mail or text.
  • Now anybody who wants to access the reserved flights can log into the same account and look for the flights in the “My Trips” tab.

How to search for flexible dates on Google Flights?

Anybody looking for flexible dates on Google Flights first needs to visit the official website of Google Flights. Now enter the destination, origin, and travel date. There you will see the flexible date option. Click on the option. Now choose a flight for the weekend or one-two week anytime in the 6 months. This option is really helpful for the hodophiles who travel frequently and explore the world.

How to book with a travel agent on Google Flights?

Anyone who wants to make bookings through any travel agency can make bookings by choosing from the ‘airlines’ or the ‘travel agent’ option shown on the screen.

Now, follow the procedure accordingly. Enter the details, make payments, and reserve the tickets.

How to change currency on Google Flights?

Any passenger who wants to change the currency on Google Flights can – 

  • Visit the official website.
  • Scroll down to the bottom
  • Select the ‘languages, country, and currency’ option.
  • Make appropriate selections.

This is all for the Google Flights. Hope this may have addressed all your queries.

Thank you for visiting.

Have a safe flight!!!


A. Visit Google Flights, enter your departure and destination, select dates, and click "Search" for flight options.

A. Yes, you can set a price range filter to find flights within your budget.

A. Google Flights offers a flexible date option to explore cheaper travel dates.

A. Google Flights provides links to airline websites and travel agencies for booking.

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