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You often travel and are a loyal customer of Aer Lingus. By making many business and personal trips, you have earned Aer Lingus vouchers and now want to redeem them. But trying to figure out how to redeem the Aer Lingus voucher. 

Let this article help you redeem your Aer Lingus voucher.

There is this limitation you have to face, as you can redeem vouchers only on the official website of Aer Lingus Aer Lingus Vouchers, or the second option is Aer Lingus mobile app, the Aer Lingus app can be downloaded from Play Store. 

You will not be able to redeem vouchers at the airport counter or offices of Aer Lingus. These vouchers can only be used on Aer Lingus and not with any other partner airline, and no agent can help you redeem these vouchers. 

So ensure to visit Aer and redeem your vouchers.

How long is the Aer Lingus Voucher Valid

One must go through the link to learn more about the terms and conditions of the vouchers Aer Lingus Vouchers.

  • Customers can redeem vouchers at or on Aer Lingus mobile app.

  • One can only redeem vouchers against the cost of flights which includes fares, taxes and charges, and selected fees.
  • No one can redeem vouchers at Aer Lingus reservation offices or the airport ticket counters, or through travel agents.
  • Vouchers are valid for five years.
  • Aer Lingus Gift Vouchers are available in the mentioned denominations - 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450 and 500.
  • One cannot redeem these vouchers as part of AerClub Travel Reward.
  • Vouchers don't work if you wish to use them for car hire, hotels, and travel insurance.
  • Aer Lingus vouchers are not refundable.
  • Aer Lingus does not redeem or exchange vouchers for cash.
  • Vouchers will be void if one alters or obtain them fraudulently.
  • If a fraudulently or improperly obtained voucher is redeemed, Aer Lingus has the right to cancel it.
  • And if the ticket rate exceeds the voucher price, Aer Lingus may pay the difference via a credit card.
  • These Vouchers cannot be used against the bookings which are already made.
  • You cannot use vouchers towards change fees or additional fares for reissued or partially used tickets.
  • One may not have food or beverages on the plane using the through vouchers.
  • Customers cannot use vouchers to make or confirm a Price Lock or Deposit booking amount.
  • Groups cannot use vouchers to make or confirm a Group booking.

Do I have to accept a voucher from Aer Lingus

As per the provisions of regulation EU 261/2004, when you choose a refund, you may expect cash or vouchers, and it is up to you to accept or reject the voucher. To learn more about it, ensure to visit Aer and get your voucher-related issue resolved. 

How to use Aer Lingus refund voucher

If you have got an Aer Lingus refund voucher, you can use it to pay in full or in part for your Aer Lingus or Emerald-operated flight. Bag fees, advance seat selection fees and lounge access fees can also be paid for with vouchers. You have to search for a suitable flight on or our App and input your voucher code and PIN on the Review & Purchase page.

Can I get a refund for flight paid with voucher?

  • To request a refund for the full value of your flight, start with the Voucher Refund Request Form. (if eligible)
  • Some vouchers are not refundable such as Saver, Smart and Plus fares, But you can request a tax refund.
  • To process your refund request, an administration fee may apply (Exceptions). 
  • If you are unsure whether you are eligible for a refund, choose the option "Am I Eligible for a Refund?" and complete the formalities properly. 
  • Customers can only use this form if they purchase a ticket directly from Aer Lingus. 
  • Your refunds may only be processed via the original process method used for booking.
  • Once you cancel the booking, it cannot be reinstated. 
  • If you cancel your booking that has some children or infants, you can not cancel only tickets for adults and leave infants and children remaining.  
  • The form is accepted in only PDF or JPG format. 

What does the refund voucher mean with Aer Lingus?

Many airlines offer refund vouchers. These refund vouchers generally are available in certain situations and have the full value of your flight for future use within 5 next years. The voucher value includes the fare, taxes, charges, and any seats or bags originally paid for. The vouchers cannot be applied to third-party payments like car hire. 

How do I contact Aer Lingus for a refund voucher?

If you have issues related to refund vouchers or looking for refund vouchers, you should explore the Aer Lingus vouchers policy Aer Lingus Vouchers also. You can see the chat option on the same page at the bottom right. The chat box says 'Chat with Aer Lingus'; you can see a box below that says 'Start Chat.'

Here you can find step-by-step information on refund voucher queries. At the bottom of the page, you can click the Twitter, Facebook and YouTube links of Aer Lingus to learn more about the airline.


A. Vouchers typically cover flights, seat upgrades, and other airline services.

A. Voucher usage may vary for code-share flights; refer to the terms and conditions.

A. Most often, you can use multiple vouchers for a single booking, but check the terms for confirmation.

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