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Delta Skymiles take care of you and your loved ones even after death. They make sure that you get the best out of this worst circumstance. If you have a loved one who has expired, we are sorry to hear about your loss, but now you have to take care of their legacy, so do not worry; we are here to help you in these challenging times.

Delta SkyMiles Transferring After a Loved One's Death: Embracing the Legacy

You can transfer Delta Skymiles after your loved one has deceased and heaven has called his/her/their name. You must contact the administrator or executive of the member's estate; he/she/they will try their best to help you so you can get relief and there is no burden on you after already grieving your loved one.

So, keep reading this blog and get answers to all of your questions. 

How do I transfer Delta SkyMiles from a deceased spouse?

First, we are sorry for your tragic loss; now, if you want to cancel your deceased spouse's account, you can. In case if you're going to transfer Delta SkyMiles from a deceased spouse, you should follow the given below procedure:

  • When the passenger passes away, there is no cost program for transferring Delta Skymiles, as per the Delta Skymiles Airline policy.
  • If you want to transfer Delta SkyMiles, you can request a representative at Delta Website; you will be allowed to transfer SkyMiles to your account.
  • Also, you need to provide a death certificate and all necessary documents to transfer Delta SkyMiles from a deceased spouse. 

What happens to Delta SkyMiles when someone dies? 

If somebody dies, there is no cost program for transferring Delta Skymiles after somebody dies. If somebody dies, you must inform Delta Airline after the passing away of the passenger.  

  • After you informed Delta Airlines about the passing away of your loved one, the miles would be fortified. 
  • If you want to transfer Delta Skymiles, you can request it from your concerned person and get it transferred to your account. 

Can you transfer Delta SkyMiles after someone's death? 

After somebody dies, yes, you can transfer Delta Skymiles to your account by following given below procedure:

  • As per the bereavement policy of Delta Airlines, if somebody in your close family dies, you can ask a representative of Delta Airlines. However, you must be a part of a closed family member of the deceased person.
  • Visit the website and reach out to the help centre. 
  • Submit the miles available on the deceased person's account, and now you can transfer Delta Skymile to your account. 
  • Also, you should belong to a close family member of a deceased person.
  • You must submit a death certificate and all recruitment documents that are required. 

Can I transfer Delta SkyMiles to my spouse?

Yes, you can use Delta SkyMiles with your spouse; as per Delta SkyMiles, Delta account holders are allowed to transfer SkyMiles to your account; you can follow given the below procedure:

  • Access the Delta Skymiles account from the SkyMiles website.
  • Sign up for the account and mention all recruited details such as username, SkyMiles/password.
  • After login account, fill in all recruited details, and you should add recipient details. 
  • Next, you have to choose the miles figure.
  • Pay off the charges.
  • Wait for 24 hours, and you will finalise the transfer transaction. 

How do I transfer Delta airline miles after death? 

Please note that Delta Airlines do not allow direct miles transfer to anyone. However, Delta Airlines allowed members to transfer miles after death in case of death. Here are simple procedures through which Delta airline miles can transfer you after death:

  • Contact Delta SkyMiles in such a situation. Inform customer care or the help centre about the situation. 
  • A representative or concerned person will guide you throughout the procedure patiently. 
  • You must have the deceased person's details to transfer Delta Airlines miles to your account quickly. 
  • You must have all documentation required to process the transfer of Delta airline miles and a death proof so that Delta Airlines can confirm and make sure that the passenger is no more in this world. 
  • A death certificate copy and legal copy of your relationship with deceased persons, such as a marriage certificate, must be submitted. 
  • Delta Airlines will request a transfer form and fill in all recruited details accordingly.
  • After receiving the transfer, Delta Airlines will review everything and proceed with the transfer. The transaction will take time, so be patient.  

Can I buy a ticket for someone else with Delta SkyMiles? 

Thinking about a gift and wondering, "Can I buy a ticket for someone else with Delta Skymiles", so, you will be glad to know that you can buy a ticket for someone else with Delta SkyMiles:

  • It would be best to have enough miles to execute this thought.
  • For example, you have 6000 miles per passenger.
  • Also, it needs to be the same itinerary. That is all that is required. 

Can a husband and wife share a Delta SkyMiles account? 

No, a husband and wife cannot share a Delta SkyMiles account. 

Delta Airlines do not share any such policy that a husband and wife can share a Delta SkyMiles Account. 

The wife and husband are supposed to have a separate SkyMiles account. 

However, individuals can use and earn their miles and rewards for booking flights. 

You should check Delta SkyMile's official website for new policies and updates or if you have trouble times because of the same. 

How much does it cost to transfer Delta SkyMiles to someone else? 

First, note that Delta SkyMiles do not offer a formal moles transfer to another account, which means there is no cost to transfer Delta SkyMiles to another person. 

However, both parties can redeem miles for booking flights, rewards, and more. 

How to Close a Delta Air Lines SkyMiles Account if someone dies?

If a passenger who holds a SkyMiles account has passed away, so, first of all, our great condolences to passed away holder. In this case, we are disheartened to bid farewell to the deceased person's account.

You need to inform Delta SkyMiles about the death of a deceased person.

To inform Delta SkyMiles, you can visit Delta SkyMiles website and social account handles such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

When we are here, do not worry!

Now, from "How do I transfer Delta Skymiles if someone dies" to what happens to a Delta SkyMiles account after one has passed away. 


A. Yes, you can transfer Delta Skymiles due to a death by contacting Delta's customer service at +1 (347) 695-1687 for assistance and guidance.

A. Delta typically requires a copy of the death certificate and proof of your relationship to the deceased to initiate the transfer process.

A. Delta may charge a processing fee for transferring Skymiles after a death, so it's advisable to inquire about the specific costs when contacting them.

A. You can reach Delta Skymiles customer service at +1 (347) 695-1687 to initiate the transfer process or to get answers to any related questions you may have.

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