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British Airways keep on trying to come up with alternatives to help its customers with easy and swift bookings without any halt and for the same British Airways has launched their e-voucher facilities.

Grab the Details to know about How Do I Redeem My British Airways Voucher?

E-voucher helps their customers to make their bookings by paying online. It is an instant way to reserve flights by making payments in parts or as a whole.

Can a British Airways voucher be redeemed online?

British Airways provides both ways to purchase a voucher for future travel. Vouchers can be bought online by visiting the official website or can be bought over the counter at the British Airways ticket office.

In case the customer has purchased the voucher online from the official website i.e., then the voucher needs to be redeemed online only and cannot be redeemed offline.

However, in the case of purchasing the voucher from the British Airways ticket office then the voucher cannot be redeemed online, it has to be done at the counter only.

Can someone else use my British Airways voucher?

An e-voucher from British Airways can be used in the name of the person who has purchased it. 

In case any other person wishes to use the voucher purchased in the name of the other person can use it provided that he should provide the details regarding the original e-voucher number and the original name for which it was purchased.

Can I sell my British Airways voucher?

A British Airways voucher cannot be sold to a third party. It is a non-transferable voucher that can be redeemed only in the name of the original buyer with the original voucher number.

However, there may be cases where a voucher purchased can be canceled and a refund would be allowed to the customer after deducting the cancellation charges.

Can I transfer my British Airline voucher to someone else? 

The very nature of the e-voucher from British Airways is that it is non-transferable. No voucher can be traded, sold, transferred, or bartered in the name of the other party. 

It can be redeemed or used by a third person only when he provides the original details regarding the voucher number including the registered name, e-mail, and other relevant information.

How to use the British Airways Voucher?

The basic purpose of the British Airways e-voucher is to let its customers book their flights at their utmost ease for traveling on a future date.

Any voucher can be redeemed in the offline or online mode corresponding to the matter in which they have been bought.

The following are the steps to use your e-voucher in online mode:-

  • The first and foremost step is to visit British Airways’ official website i.e.,
  • Scroll down to the booking section.
  • Enter the asked details about the passenger regarding his name, date, and time of travel. 
  • Then type there the name of the destination the passenger wishes to take a flight to.
  • Go to find to search for the flights the passenger wants to travel by.
  • All the steps are similar to the one passenger does while making a booking. Revive the original booking.
  • Select the voucher the passenger wants to redeem.
  • Enter therein all the details regarding the e-voucher number and the name of the allottee.
  • The total amount will be updated on the screen.
  • Select the payment method and proceed with the same.
  • The process ends here.

A voucher purchased from the British Airways ticket office can be redeemed over the counter itself. Such a voucher cannot be redeemed in online mode.

Any customer purchasing the voucher should stay adhered to the following terms and conditions:-

  • Any person can use the voucher within four days before the planned departure of the flight.
  • It can be used only by entering the valid name and number of the original allottee.
  • Passengers are allowed to use at most 4 e-vouchers of the same currency per flight at any time.
  • While redeeming the e-voucher the passenger should enter the correct details regarding the name, number, and registered e-mail address. He can find all the details in his registered e-mail inbox.
  • A voucher is not eligible to make payments for online bookings for holidays, seating, and baggage.
  • An e-voucher is a non-transferable asset of the buyer that cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • It has its validity till the date of expiry.
  • It should be noted that a British Airways voucher can be used to make payments for the bookings of American Airways flights. 

When does a British Airways e-voucher expire?

Any e-voucher purchased by the customer can be redeemed within a year of its purchase. It is used for making payments online for the desired flights. If not used within one year, it would be considered expired. However, in certain cases, an extended time limit is allowed subject to the terms and conditions.

It should be kept in mind that an e-voucher should be used without Avios, for making a total payment or a part thereof.

Customers can also refer to their registered e-mails to confirm the expiration date.


A. To redeem your British Airways voucher, visit their official website or call +1 (347) 695-1687 for assistance.

A. Your voucher code can typically be found in the email or communication from British Airways that issued the voucher.

A. Voucher usage terms may vary. Check the terms and conditions associated with your voucher to see which flights are eligible.

A. Contact British Airways directly or call +1 (347) 695-1687 for assistance if you need to use multiple vouchers for a single booking.

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