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One of the largest Canadian airlines, Air Canada, offers various flights to domestic and international destinations. It is located in the borough of Saint Laurent, Montreal, and is a member of Star Alliance. It offers transportation and cargo services to 222 worldwide destinations. It provides excellent services and discounts which you can apply during air ticket purchase so you will travel with the best deal offers.

Learn Everything know About How do I redeem my Air Canada voucher?

Air Canada offers different vouchers, such as Air Canada vouchers, electronic travel vouchers, e-coupons, or accredits. To redeem your Air Canada Voucher, you have to follow given below instructions:

  • First, visit the website of Air Canada, 
  • Please tap on the Book my flight option. 
  • Select the number of passengers and your destination. 
  • Choose your departure date and flight. 
  • Make the payment. 
  • Now, you will get a voucher in this section. Click on redeem to check the price and apply on coupon. 
  • Click confirm and get access to redeem your Air Canada Voucher. 

How do I check my Air Canada credit?

Want to check your Air Canada credit? 

You have to follow the given below procedures to check your Air Canada credit:

Visit the Air Canada website.

Login to your account.

Check your type of voucher.

Enter your credit card number, and now you can check Air Canada's credit. 

How long do Air Canada vouchers take? 

Air Canada vouchers can get you the best offers for your next flight, which makes your journey fun. These Canada vouchers are transferable, and the cheery on the cake is you can use them multiple times, and it never expires.

If you are thinking about how long it does take to facilitate this fascinating service in your account, so below we have answered your curiosity : 

  • Once you get an Air Canada Travel Voucher, redeeming this service takes up to three business days. 

How do I find my Air Canada credit?

It is always good to keep an eye on your facility and services. So, if you are wondering and want to know where to find your Air Canada credit, follow the below steps and check your Air Canada Credit anytime, anywhere:

  • First, sign into your airplane account. 
  • Now, you can complete AC wallet details, from transaction history to the expiry date of each credit.                                                                         

How to view Air Canada Credit

If you cancel your flight and choose AC wallet as a credit option, Air Canada will log in credit in your AC wallet. In case you want to view Air Canada Credit, the process is the same as others; all you have to do is keep reading this blog and give the below instructions: 

  • Firstly, visit the website.
  • Now, sign in to your Aeroplan account.
  • You can now see complete details of your AC wallet, from your last transaction to the expiry date of your Air Canada Credit. 
  • It may take three to four business days for your transaction to appear on your dashboard after the transaction. 

How to use Air Canada Credit online? 

You can only choose to redeem your Air Canada Credit if you are traveling or reserving a seat for your next journey. You will be facilitated with furnishing the promotion code with Air Canada reservation, in case you want to use Air Canada credit online, so read the given below instructions:

  • If you are buying Air Canada credit online, it does not mean you have to access your Air Canada Credit online; it simply means you get a voucher to travel next time with a discount and reasonable offers by applying this voucher.
  • If you want to check Air Canada Credit online, sign in to your account and enter your voucher number. 

It facilitates booking your flight and getting access to further services.

It's that easy!

It's that easy to check your Air Canada credit and get access to different exciting offers for your next journey



A. Visit the Air Canada website, enter your voucher code during booking, or call +1 (347) 695-1687 for assistance.

A. Vouchers can generally be used for Air Canada flights, but check terms and conditions for any restrictions.

A. You can usually pay the remaining balance with another payment method when redeeming your voucher.

A. Report the loss to Air Canada promptly; they may be able to assist you in reissuing the voucher.

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