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Passengers dealing with Malindo Air may have travel vouchers to apply toward their new flight bookings.There are chances when passengers cancel their bookings. The cancellation does not render to making refunds but turns the amount paid on bookings into a travel voucher. 

Discovered The Different Ways To  Redeem Malindo Air Vouchers?

Passengers can redeem such travel vouchers when they apply for new bookings. However, these vouchers need to be redeemed before their expiry dates.The following are the material facts that one should know about Malindo Air vouchers:

How do I redeem my Malindo Air vouchers?

The following is a simple series of steps that passengers may take to redeem their Malindo vouchers:

  1. Visit the official website of Malindo Air.
  2. Under the ‘flight’ tab, enter all the required details such as your travel dates along with inception and destination places.
  3. Hit the ‘promo’ button. Enter the number of passengers, and press the ‘search flights’ option.
  4. Various flights would appear on the screen.
  5. Select a suitable flight.
  6. Follow all the guidelines as shown on your screen
  7. Head towards making payment.
  8. Apply your travel voucher for making the payment.
  9. Confirm your booking through a verification message on your registered mail or phone number.

How do I check my Malindo Air voucher?

Malindo Air provides travel vouchers to its customers who make cancellations of their existing bookings with them. The canceled booking amount gets converted into a travel voucher of the same amount.  Customers are notified about the same either via their registered e-mail ids or their registered phone numbers.

Passengers can apply them toward their future bookings with Malindo Air online or can take the help of customer support by dialing (+1 (347) 695-1687).

How can be wise to use a travel voucher for Malindo Air?

Travel vouchers credited to the passengers on cancellation of existing bookings, allow the passengers to book new flights with them. The travel vouchers of Malindo Air can also be applied to get in-flight services, extra baggage allowance, meals, and other related auxiliaries. 

It is a quick process. Passengers get instant credit for travel vouchers as soon as they cancel their bookings with Malindo Air.

Travel vouchers have made it easy and convenient both for the passengers and the Airlines to deal with cancellations and novation of their bookings.

What is Malindo Air’s travel voucher policy?

Malindo Air has designed its travel voucher policy in such a manner that its customers do not find any difficulty during their cancellations and while making new bookings with them. The guidelines discussed below, need to be followed pari passu by the customers dealing with Malindo Air’s travel vouchers:

  1. All travel vouchers from Malindo Air come with their expiry dates. The validity is only 12 months from the date of their allotment, for all such travel vouchers.
  2. Passengers can apply their travel vouchers toward new bookings either via online mode or with the assistance of the customer support department.
  3. All Malindo travel vouchers are non-transferable in nature. The policy does not permit any passenger to assign their travel vouchers to any other customer/passenger.
  4. Usually, the vouchers are valid for up to 12 months from their allotment. However, some guidelines lead the passengers to extend their vouchers’ validity. 

Interested passengers can contact the support department to know more about the extension policy and its respective application.

  1. Vouchers are granted on typical eligibility criteria such as type of ticket, time of cancellation, time left for the take-off, etc.
  2. Travel vouchers can be applied towards getting other facilities such as in-flight services, meals, extra baggage allowance, etc. Therefore, it should be applied wisely.

All the passengers stringently need to follow all the guidelines as stated under the policy. In case, any customer violates any regulation then he is liable for his actions and cannot make any kind of claim for Malindo Airlines.

How to use a refund voucher on Malindo Air?

Malindo Air provides COVID-19 travel waiver options under which it provides refund vouchers. If you are having a refund voucher and planning to redeem it then follow the simple steps given below:

  1. Visit the official website of Malindo Air.
  2. Scroll to the ‘booking’ section. Click on it.
  3. There you would need to log into your account.
  4. You need to choose a round trip.
  5. Enter all your travel-related details as to time, date, destination, etc.
  6. Click on the ‘search flight’ option.
  7. Select your desired flight among the various alternatives.
  8. Jump to the next page.
  9. Apply your refund voucher for your desired flight ticket.
  10. Confirm your bookings.
  11. A confirmation mail will be sent to you on your registered e-mail id and/or your registered phone number.
  12. Here ends the redemption process. You have successfully applied your refund voucher towards a new flight booking.

This sums up all about Malindo Air’s travel vouchers.

Hope you find this productive and purposeful.

For further details, you may also visit the official website of Malindo Air.

Thank you for reading!


A. To redeem your voucher, visit the Malindo Air website, enter your voucher code during the booking process, and follow the instructions.

A. Yes, Malindo Air vouchers typically have an expiration date. Please check your voucher for specific details.

A. Malindo Air vouchers are usually valid for flights and sometimes for ancillary services like baggage or seat selection.

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