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Frontier Airlines is a major low-cost airline in the USA with headquarters in Denver, Colorado. It flies to around 100 international destinations. With its 3000 dedicated members, the airline provides top-grade service for all the concerns a flyer may have. Be it a name change or any other query. You may want to ask How Do I Change my Name on Frontier Airlines? Here is the answer to solve this riddle of yours, yes, you can, and you may have to pay a fee for a name change.         

A Complete Guide Regarding Frontier airlines name change

Frontier Airlines helps you change your name. You can call +1 (347) 695-1687 and get more details on it, or reach our 24*7 customer support.  

When you have to change your name on Frontier Airlines, you can contact the airline directly. A name change can be requested on a voice call as well or by visiting the website Name Change on Frontier Airlines.

To contact voice assistance for a name change, you have to share some details with the customer care team. The customer support team may ask for a booking reference number, so they can find your reservation information.

Does Frontier allow name changes?

Yes, Frontier Airlines allows name changes. However, there is a policy in place to follow.

  • A fee of USD 75 is applicable for flyers who want to change their name within 24 hours of flight departure.
  • There are both paid and free procedures to change the name on the Frontier.
  • You can call or visit the website to change the name on Frontier
  • No fee for flyers who request a name change before 24 hours of your flight departure.

Why does Frontier charge for name change?

It is one of the services the airline offers, but it's not every time the airline charges for a name change. You can avoid the fee by making the request before 24 hours of flight departure. For more information on name change, read the policy on the official website.  

Frontier name change policy

You need to keep the below-mentioned points in mind before you change your name on Frontier Airlines.  

  • You may have to pay a charge for your name change.
  • If you request to make the name change within 24 hours of your flight departure, the fee is $75. 
  • But to request a name change for more than 24 hours of your flight departure, you don't have to pay any fee.
  • If you are bound to change your name on your ticket because of some legal procedure, there is no name change fee as long as you can provide proof of the legal name change.

Frontier Flight Date Change

You can change the date and time of the flight on our website or app. To make the changes on the website, go to the direct link of the site My Trip, log in, and type in your Last Name with Confirmation Code, then press the Search button. 

Once you see your flight details click 'Change Flights.'

How Can I Change My Frontier Flight Online?

To make changes on Frontier flights, log in to your account on the Frontier website to find your trip. Hit the "Change Flights" link. You will see the original reservation date and time. You can now change the date. But won't be able to select a new departure or arrival city. You can only change just a date or time.

How Much Does it Cost To Change a Flight Date on Frontier?

One of the options to change the flight at a low price is Frontier miles. There is no fee if you change your flight using Frontier miles 8 or more days before your flight departure. Though, you have to pay around $99 if you decide to change your seat at the last moment.   

Can I Change The Frontier Flight Date For Free?

Looking to make changes without any charge? Well, the airline can help you here. You just have to get our bundle, the 'Works and Flight Flexibility.' The bundle helps you get the change request for no charge. Also, you can get the best seat on the plane with one checked and one carry-on bag for free. The bundle' Works and Flight Flexibility' is paid; however, it helps you get your entire purchase refundable.     

Frontier Airlines Seat Change Policy

As mentioned before, you can reach the customer care team available 24*7 for any query or change request, or you can visit the website Frontier and make the changes there. A 24*7 chat option is also available for you.

As a policy, auto assignment of the seats starts 24 hours before the flight departure. And this auto-assignment starts from the back of the plane. So you may try this hack to get a good seat. Check-in a little late, so all the back seats are filled but don't wait too long. This may help you get a good seat for free. However, if this trick doesn't work, pay for a good seat and get it.  

How to Change Seat Assignment on Frontier Airlines?

You may get the seat you won't like if you check in without buying a seat assignment as the airline auto assigns the seat. The airline wants to sell all the decent seats to passengers who want to get their choice of seat to travel with comfort. And changing seats may cost you. 

Let's understand these steps. 

  • Visit Frontier Airlines official website Fly Frontier.
  • Select My Trip.
  • Start with the confirmation code and your details. 
  • Hit the search button.
  • Select from the available seats, choose the desired seat.
  • Pay for the seat change.

And you are done. You have got your comfortable seat. But if you still have any other concerns, you can connect with us on our social media platforms, as we are available on Facebook and many platforms 

The best way to stay updated with the policies of the airline is ‘Email Signup’ click Email Sign Up Frontier Airlines. Enjoy the journey with Frontier Airlines. 


A. To change your name on Frontier Airlines, contact their customer support at +1 (347) 695-1687 for assistance and provide necessary documentation.

A. Name changes are usually handled online or through customer service. Check Frontier's policy for in-person options.

A. Generally, Frontier doesn't allow ticket transfers to another person. Name changes are typically for correcting errors or legal changes.

A. You'll typically need legal documents like a marriage certificate or court order. Check with Frontier for specific requirements.

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