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The national airline of Spain is Iberia Airlines. Established in 1927, it has its headquarters in Madrid and runs a global network of services out of Madrid-Barajas Airport. British Airways and Iberia Airlines merged on January 21, 2011, and on January 24, shares of the new holding company, IAG, started trading in London and Madrid. The greatest option for vacationers and business travelers is what it wants to be. Thanks to its broad network, Iberia offers several connections from its hub at Madrid Barajas Airport.

Avios is the currency name for the Executive Club and Avios Travel Rewards Program. There are different ways you can use them to earn and earn Avios. All Avios earnings depend on your flight booking or how much you spend on the ticket.

In this article, we have fully informed you about Iberia Avios, what it is, how to use it, and what services it offers.

So stay with us till the end and get answers to all your various questions.


Ques. 1- Can you use Avios on Iberia flights?

You can use Avios when booking a flight. The points below will help you book with Avios:

  • Avios can be used when changing your booking from tourist to business at an Iberia airline sales office or Plus service center.
  • You can also spend Avios on leisure offers and purchase goods from the 90 or more partners you may have available.
  • You can use Avios to book an Iberia flight for you and any other partner in exchange for Avios.
  • You can also buy a car and hotel stays with cash and Avios.
  • You can get discounts when you book flights with Avios.
  • Avios can easily be transferred to anyone with an Iberia Plus card.

Ques. 2- How long does it take for Avios to be credited or uploaded to Iberia?

The points below will give you all the information about Avios and also mention how long it takes:

  • Avios will be credited or recorded within 45 days if Iberia or other airlines sell or operate the flight.
  • If you are an Iberia Plus partner, you must process it with the partner with whom you booked the services using the contact details shown. So the Avios will last for 3 months.
  • If another program is associated with the program, you must send an image of the boarding pass and a copy of the ticket form.

Ques. 3- What will 200,000 Avios get you?

If you have 200,000 Avios points and want to know what you can get with those points. Then it would be helpful if you go through the points below:

  • You'll get world-class return clubbing on all BA long-haul networks if you have that many Avios.
  • You can enjoy the lounge even on long flights in all destinations, such as Lima, Peru, Bangkok, Mauritius, Rio De Janeiro, Tokyo, and South Korea. And this also depends on the date of availability and return.

Ques. 4- How much is 100,000 Avios points?

If you plan to book an Iberia Airline flight and want to know how much your 100,000 Avios points are worth. Then don't worry at all; Here's all the information and help you need to book a flight with Avios. Below are the following:

  • Avios' rating or value averages 1.3 cents per point through internal points and miles awards.
  • You can get $1,300 worth of flights with 100,000 points; the exact value depends on how you redeem your rewards.

Ques. 5- Does Iberia Business Class provide its passengers with flat beds?

Iberia Airlines business class lounge provides almost all amenities to its passengers. It provides flat beds, food, and free luggage. You can also get a discount using your Avios by paying for ready tickets.

Ques. 6- Is everything free in the Business Class Lounge?

There are many things you can do in business class. You can read the newspaper there, shower and do much more. You will also enjoy the drinks and food they offer for free.

All the things you get in the business class lounge are usually free, but you can see their offer with a price tag.

Here we have all the details about Iberia Avios, what it is, what it provides, how to use it, and much more. We have also tried to answer the likely questions that customers might have.

Thank you for your time and effort.

I hope you have a safe and joyful travel experience.



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