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What do you imagine when you hear "MakeMy Trip? Vacations, beautiful locations, comfortable air travel and a lot more. And, MakeMy Trip helps you experience this all.

Find Help to Change Name on your MakeMy Trip Air Ticket

It provides services of airline tickets for domestic and international destinations. You can book tickets through this company and have an amazing journey; it helps you with all your travel-related queries. 

People often ask if they can change the name on their booked ticket.     

How Can I Change The Name On My Flight Ticket On MakeMyTrip

It's an unusual request if a customer wants to change their name on a booked ticket. Suppose you have a question regarding the name change. Let us answer this question, as per the airline's rules; no one is allowed to change their name on a booked ticket. However, what they can do is, purchase a new ticket by giving the details of the name they want. Though one can contact MakeMyTrip to correct their name in case of a wrongly spelled name, for that, the company may charge a fee.

Name change request on Air ticket by MakeMy Trip. 

You may question if you can transfer your ticket to someone or make someone else travel on your ticket. That's a no, no, as tickets are non-transferable, and name change is not allowed on a reserved ticket. You can decide to buy a new ticket for your family member or person you want to travel on your ticket after cancelling the existing one,   

What happens if you've made a spelling mistake on your flight ticket on 

Now that's real trouble if you misspelled your name on the ticket; you must contact customer care as soon as you can because you can only board the plane if your name matches the name on your passport.  

What happens if your second surname is missing on your flight ticket MakeMyTrip?

Flyers, at times, ask if it is mandatory to have their full name on their air ticket. So, it is not mandatory to have your middle name on your air ticket. Though, your first and last name must be mentioned on the ticket as it appears on your passport. 

MakeMyTrip name change fee,make my trip name change Policy

The name change is not allowed per MakeMy Trip's policy; for name correction, you can contact the customer care team. MakeMyTrip will provide you with the best assistance. Or visit the official website of MakeMy Trip to get more details on the name change. 

How can I change age on my MakeMyTrip flight ticket?

Generally, it is not courteous to ask a woman her age, but you may be surprised by the crew members with birthday wishes if you fly on your birthday, and yes, they know your age, but you should not bother about it. It is for your safety; the airlines know your name and age. 

And the airline will not entertain your query about the name of the age change. But you can cancel the ticket and get a new one with the correct details. 

Change Age fee of my MakeMyTrip flight ticket

MakeMy Trip is available on flowing numbers to answer your queries so you can have a happy journey.

  • +1 (347) 695-1687

However, MakeMy Trip won't let you change your age on your air ticket, as it is against the airline's policy. Hence you can cancel your ticket if you don't want to fly with the existing details. 

Change Age policy of my MakeMyTrip flight ticket

Make my trip does not allow you to change your age on your booked ticket, though you can approach MakeMy Trip for name correction. But there is no particular age change policy with MakeMY Trip. You can call MMT for more queries. 

Can I change date on my MakeMyTrip flight ticket

It is common for customers to request a date change on their air tickets. Because of any reason, customers can ask to reschedule their flight and book the ticket for some future date. MakeMy Trip lets you change the date on your ticket. You may have to pay a charge, though. You can browse the website to change the dates on your ticket.

Change the date fee of my MakeMyTrip flight ticket.

What is the fee to change the date on your air ticket? The good news is, there is none. The airline does not charge a fee to change the date on the air ticket. You can change the dates of your flight without paying any charges for rescheduling, but you may need to pay the amount difference between the new and old tickets if there are any.

Change date policy of my MakeMyTrip flight ticket

Let's say you have a query related to a refund or have decided to change the date of your flight; you can easily do that on the MakeMy Trip website. As mentioned above, there is no particular fee to make such changes. However, you are supposed to pay the difference between the existing ticket and the new ticket, but if there's no difference, your flight will be rescheduled for free. 

MakeMy Trip gives you various services for domestic and international journeys; you can explore Beach destinations, Hills & Mountains, or Trekking Hotspots. So, plan your trip with MakeMy Trip Where 2 go MakeMy Trip and experience nature. 


A. Contact MakeMyTrip customer support at +1 (347) 695-1687 to start the process and follow their guidance.

A. Fees for name changes may vary, so it's best to check with MakeMyTrip or your airline for specific costs.

A. Name changes are typically subject to airline policies. Contact MakeMyTrip or your airline promptly for assistance.

A. You may need identification and relevant travel documents. Check with MakeMyTrip or the airline for specific requirements.

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