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Fiji Airways, the flagship carrier of Fiji, serves as the country's international and domestic airline. With its hub at Nadi International Airport, the airline connects Fiji's stunning landscapes to the world. Offering a range of destinations, including Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and the Pacific Islands, Fiji Airways provides a gateway for travelers to experience the beauty and culture of Fiji. The airline's commitment to hospitality, comfortable cabins, and a distinct Fijian touch creates an inviting travel experience, showcasing the warmth and charm of the South Pacific nation on every journey.


Fiji Airways' flight change policy typically involves certain aspects:

  • Change Fees

Changing flights often incur fees based on ticket type and proximity to departure.

  • Fare Differences

If the new flight costs more, you'll pay the fare difference along with the fee.

  • Time Restrictions

Changes are often allowed within a specific period before departure.

  • Seat Availability

Changes depend on open seats on the desired new flight.

  • Ticket Type

Flexible tickets might have more lenient policies compared to non-flexible ones.

  • Process

Changes are usually done via the airline's website, phone, or ticketing offices.

  • Refunds

Refunds might not be available, and changes could be restricted based on fare rules.

Fiji Airways' 24-Hour Flight Change Policy

Sure, here's a summarized version of Fiji Airways' 24-hour flight change policy:

  • Passengers can make changes to their bookings within 24 hours of the original booking.
  • The 24-hour window commences from the moment of booking.
  • Applies to bookings made instantly through Fiji Airways' official channels.
  • Changes allowed include modifying travel dates, flight times, and passenger names.
  • No change fees are incurred during these 24 hours.
  • Third-party agency bookings might have different rules.

Fiji Airways Change Fee

Fiji Airways' policies may have changed since then. However, at that time, Fiji Airways typically charged change fees for modifications to flight bookings. These fees varied based on factors such as the type of ticket, the destination, and the timing of the change.

Fiji Airways' Change of Schedule Policy

Certainly, here's a summarized version of Fiji Airways' Change of Schedule Policy as of my last update in September 2021:

  • Flight changes allowed for dates, times, and destinations, subject to availability and fare rules.
  • Change fees might apply based on fare type and timing of change.
  • Fare difference is payable if the new fare is higher; no refund for lower fares.
  • Changes are subject to time restrictions, varying based on proximity to departure.
  • Changes are dependent on seat availability on a desired new flight.
  • Significant schedule changes by the airline could lead to refunds.

How do I call Fiji Airways to change my flights?

Sure, here's how you can call Fiji Airways to change your flights:

  • Dial Fiji Airways customer service number: Find the number on their website.
  • Follow the prompts: Listen to the automated options and select the one for flight changes.
  • Provide booking details: Have your reservation code and flight details ready.
  • Speak to an agent: You'll be connected to a representative who can assist with changing your flights.
  • Confirm changes: Discuss the new flights, dates, and any fees involved.
  • Receive confirmation: The agent will provide you with the updated flight details and confirmation.

In this article, we have made an effort to notify you entirely about Fiji Airways Change flight Policy.


A. The expense to modify a flight can differ depending on the airline, the type of ticket you purchased, the destination, and the time until takeoff.

A. Yes, Fiji Airways commonly offers a 24-hour cancellation policy. This means that passengers can revoke their reservation within 24 hours of booking without incurring any penalties. They are usually qualified for a full refund of the fare paid, which is processed back to the initial form of payment. Exceptions may apply for flights departing within 24 hours or specific fare types.

A. Flight cancellation policies vary depending on the airline, fare type, and specific circumstances. Some airlines offer free cancellations within a certain timeframe after booking, while others may charge a fee.

A. To avoid cancellation fees on airlines, you can assess booking refundable or flexible tickets, checking the airline's cancellation policy before booking, looking into travel insurance that covers cancellations, or making changes within the airline's grace period. Policies vary.

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