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Emirates is the Middle East's biggest airline. one of the world's leading airlines. The airline operates out of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. an extensive network of flights to over 150 destinations across six continents.

Have you lost your baggage? Do not worry we got you covered. Read the content given below to learn more.

If you have recently flown with Emirates Airlines and lost your luggage, don't hesitate to contact Emirates customer service at +1 (347) 695-1687 and tell them all the details about your lost item. If you are still at the airport, you can launch a complaint by reaching the ticket counter and filing a complaint about your lost baggage. They will provide a tracking number, and you can track your luggage from your home.

Does Emirates cover lost baggage?

Yes, Emirates covers lost baggage if you have a valid proof of your lost luggage or if the baggage contains any critical item. The airline is not responsible for any valuable items like jewelry or phones. You must have a valid bill for what you lost, and when the airlines ask for your lost baggage, you must provide the correct details so that the airlines will help you find the luggage. If your baggage is nowhere to be found, you can file your complaint with valid proof, and the airlines will cover the loss you faced. It is advised that before your travel, you must click pictures of your valuable items because if your baggage is lost or misplaced, you can easily show the proof and claim the amount from the airline.

What happens if your luggage is completely lost on Emirates?

You must file a complaint within seven days of your lost item so that the airlines can start their search ASAP, and you will be able to get your baggage back. If you launch your complaint after that, then the airlines have all the rights to deny your request.

If your luggage is completely lost, the airlines will pay for your luggage and all the essential stuff you have. The airlines will not pay if you have any imported items from the destination you traveled to or any souvenirs you bought. 

Please provide the valid details to the airlines of your lost luggage and the bills for your essential items. Make sure you read the lost and found policies of the airlines mentioned on their official website before you file a complaint.

How to track lost baggage in Emirates?

After you have filed your complaint against the airlines, we will provide you with the tracking number so you can comfortably track your baggage from the comfort of your home. To track your luggage, go to the airline's official website, click the "track my lost baggage" option, and enter the tracking number. You can check where your baggage is; You may try again if the page does not respond. again later. If the same problem happens, you can contact Emirates customer service at the information above, and they will do their best to help you.


Before you plan your travel with the airline, please read all the terms and conditions the airline provides on its official website. If you have any issues related to your lost baggage or any other matters related to the airlines, then feel free to contact Emirates customer service. They will do their best to help you and provide the best solutions.

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A. Emirates will initiate a search for your baggage and keep you updated on its status.

A. Yes, Emirates provides an online tracking system for lost baggage claims.

A. Yes, Emirates has dedicated baggage service counters at their airports.

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