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Google Flights is a convenient platform for purchasing airline tickets via third parties or airlines. Launched in 2011, Google Flights is part of Google Travel. It allows you to select a multi-city so that you can travel across the world with multiple stops. You have to go to the Google Flights website Google Flights  as there is no app available.  

Get Everything know about Does Google Flights Offer Multi City

If you are a new user of Google Flights, you may have this question, Does Google Flights offer multi-city? Yes, it does. This is what the platform is famous for.

Let's go through these steps to understand the process. Before that, see an example of a multi-city flight.

Imagine you want to travel from New York to Paris and then from Rome to New York. In this situation, you have to book an Open Jaw Flight.   

How Do I Book a Multi-City Flight on Google?

Google Flights are comparatively cheaper because Google allows airlines to publish their fares for free on Google platforms with a proper flight calendar and prices. Therefore, it becomes easy for flyers to plan their travel.

Must follow the steps to choose Multi-City 

  • On the left top side, the first option says one way or round trip. Choose as you like. 
  • The second option shows the number of passengers you want to select from with the category of Adults, children, Infants in the seat and infants on the lap.
  • Using Google Flights, you can book up to 5 flights. 
  • Select the number of passengers on the button above.
  • You can add or subtract passengers you want 
  • Choose the class of flight you want to travel on 
  • Select from and to destination, then search. 
  • And Google Flights will search the available flights for you, highlighting the cheapest one in Green.
  • And you can now choose your flights.
  • Once you select the flight, you will have the option to see information like baggage costs and more.       

How Do I Select Multiple Cities on Google Flights?

When you are flexible about air travel, you can always choose various airports. 

Make sure to separate the airports using commas and then click on the icon of the location or the nearby airport and click ok. Google Flights has no limit to searching from a single airport. This feature lets you check out from a neighbour airport as well. 

What is the Benefit of using Multi-City Google Flight?

Google Flights is beneficial to use if you know how to use it. Let's explore some benefits.

  • Google Flights helps you choose the cheapest flights.
  • You can plan the journey in advance.
  • It gives you a number of options of airlines to choose from.
  • You can either book from Google Flights third parties or directly from the airlines, whatever suits you.    

Google Flights helps you choose from many flights and airlines, but if you have to cancel your flight, you have to connect directly to the airlines or the third party. 


A. Yes, Google Flights allows you to book multi-city flights, making it convenient to plan trips with multiple destinations in one booking.

A. Simply visit Google Flights, select "Multi-city" as your trip type, and enter the details for each leg of your journey.

A. You can reach Google Flights support at +1 (347) 695-1687 for assistance with your booking or any other questions.

A. Yes, you can add multiple cities and flights to create a complex itinerary to suit your travel needs.

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