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Delta Airlines is a significant US airline. Delta, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, conducts 5,400 daily flights. Its large local and international network serves over 300 locations in 52 countries. Delta owns 800 planes, including Boeing and Airbus. The airline provides luxurious seating, in-flight entertainment, and Wi-Fi. Delta is also environmentally conscious and has reduced its carbon footprint. Delta Airlines knows that mistakes happen on aircraft tickets. They have a Name Correction Policy to help passengers correct typos and misspellings. If your Delta Airlines ticket has a name error, act promptly. Delta's customer service or reservations can correct your name. Delta will determine if a rectification fee is due on a case-by-case basis.


To get information about Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy, call (800) 221-1212. Delta Airlines will assign you an agent who will guide you further.

Delta Name Changes Online

Recently, Delta Airlines changed its online name change policy. Delta's website and mobile app users can now modify ticket names. This new tool lets passengers easily amend name typos and keep their trip plans on track. Name changes previously required Delta customers to contact Delta, which took time and effort. Ticket transfers will still be prohibited. Only mistakes or discrepancies can change names. Delta now lets travelers change their names online, making it easier to update their travel data without assistance.

Delta Name Changes on the Phone

Call the company's customer service line if you'd rather talk to a member of Delta's Global Sales Support team who can help you change your name. The number to call is +1 (347) 695-1687. When you call, the agent will probably ask for some information about your flight to make sure you are who you say you are. This could include your confirmation number, name, travel dates, and location.

Fee to Change/Correct Name on Delta Ticket

Delta Airlines charges 125 USD for name changes within 24 hours of booking. The reservation would be renewed in the same class. Price differences may apply. Name changes after 24 hours cost 275 USD. Booking would be in the same or lower fare class. Price differences may apply. We recommend you change your name just after you find a mistake so that you don't have to pay any penny to change your name.

How do I correct a misspelled name on a Delta ticket?

Ensure accurate spelling of your name upon booking with Delta: our simple tips help! Whether brought on by mistake during reservation or personal evolution since the last editing names. Delta Airlines follows a supportive approach, Allowing customers to correct travel paperwork seamlessly. Contact Delta Airlines directly by calling or accessing their website if spelling corrections are needed. According to your needs, the representative will advise you about the relevant papers, clarifying whether they involve a marriage certificate or a passport. Upon correction of your name, a new ticket will be issued by Delta containing revised data.

Why do airlines charge for name changes?

Federal regulations allow airlines to cancel reservations for free within 24 hours. Some airlines will offer free name corrections during that window due to this rule, albeit they're not compelled to. (Some airlines charge for name changes within 24 hours.) Therefore, passengers should promptly examine their reservation confirmations after buying airfares.

The ticket change policies of each airline differ greatly. Southwest and JetBlue allow travelers to rectify name errors or misspellings once for free (Southwest even lets some customers do it online or using its app). Other carriers charge $125 to $500 for name changes.

Can I edit my name on Delta?

Delta does not enable ticket name changes. Always fly the same person as the Delta ticket was bought for. To change a ticket name, you can contact Delta. There are strict rules. To modify a Delta ticket name, you must meet certain requirements. This is why travel insurance and refundable tickets are crucial. Only book a flight if you can make it on the specified date and flight. Whether you arrange with yourself or a travel agency, you must have solid planning before booking flights.

Can you change the passenger name on the Delta flight?

Adhering to Delta's name change policy, name changes can occur within predetermined parameters. Changes to a Delta flight's reservations come with additional costs, including name change fees, plus any increased ticket prices if appropriate. Delta Airlines enables passengers to adjust names through all journeys globally within their naming correction guidelines.

What is the cost of changing the name on the Delta ticket?

Charged by Delta Airlines within a day of ticket reservation, a fee of $125 is obtainable for name modifications. Maintaining the same classification, the reservation will be replenished. Price differences may apply. A 24-hour window offer and a charge of 275 USD will follow suit. Fare class similarities dictate booking choices within the same or lower range. Price differences may apply.


It is recommended to contact Delta Airlines for specific information regarding the fee. Passengers should double-check their names on their travel documents and tickets to avoid issues and ensure a smooth travel experience with Delta Airlines. Delta Airlines will try to solve your problem in any situation. Stay Safe!


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