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Emirates is the fourth largest airline of the world by scheduled revenue passenger-kilometers flown, and the second largest in terms of freight tonne kilometers flown. It is headquartered at Garhoud, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It flies to more than 140 destinations in over 80 countries across the world. Emirates is one of the fastest growing airlines globally. Complementing it is a highly trained, international cabin crew, delivering its services that are designed to indulge everyone from the moment their journey begins. 

Unlock Free WiFi Delight Enjoy Complimentary WiFi on Emirates Airlines

Every airline has a policy to suggest its passengers turn on the airplane mode on their phones during the time when the plane takes off. But at that time passengers may not be able to use their internet properly in the air. Some passengers demand a good internet connection on the airline for any emergency while some need internet connection to complete their important work. In this article, we have tried to inform you completely about how to use WiFi on Emirates Airlines flights.So stay with us till the end and you will get answers to all your different questions. 

Do You Get Free WiFi On Emirates? 

While traveling by plane, one may lack a better internet connection. However, while traveling with Emirates Airlines, you are provided with a high speed internet connection. Also a passenger who is a member of Emirates Skywards can use the WiFi for free and those who have purchased the golden membership can enjoy the WiFi in first and business class. A person who is a member of Skyward Platinum can ultimately enjoy free WiFi throughout the flight. 

Can You Use Your Phone On An Emirates Flight? 

When the plane takes off, no one is allowed to use their phone and hence, everyone has to turn on airplane mode on their phones. By turning on airplane mode, no one is able to use their internet connection and are thus advised to take your WiFi plan. 

How To Use Free WiFi On Emirates Flights ? 

If the passengers want to use the WiFi on Emirates for free then they must be a member of Emirates Skywards. In case, if you are not a member of Skyward membership then you may purchase a WiFi plan to use your internet.

Follow the below mentioned steps to get access to the free WiFi facility :

  • Firstly visit the official website of Emirates Airlines. 
  • Then locate "Manage my Booking" on the page and click on it. 
  • Fill all the required information and then click on the "retrieve booking" to get all the booking details. 
  • Now move to the menu section and select the Emirates Airlines WiFi service. 
  • Share the required details of your membership card and submit to add the in flight service. 
  • Emirates will add this service to your ticket and details of it will be shared through your registered email ID. 

What Happens If I Use My Phone On An Emirates Plane? 

You can definitely use your phone on an Emirates plane but during the time of take off, all are advised to turn on the airplane mode due to some technical reasons. But for the remaining period, all are free to use their phone. Also Emirates provides the facility of free WiFi so that its passengers will not suffer from lack of good air connectivity. 

Does Emirates Have WiFi On International Flights? 

The passengers may face a low Internet connection while traveling by plane, so Emirates Airlines provides  WiFi facility to the passengers for free . But for that one must get a Skyward membership to use free WiFi. 

If you have any further queries, then you should visit the official website of Emirates Airlines. 

Enjoy your travel experience with good WiFi. 

Thank you for your time and patience. 


A. Emirates Airlines offers paid onboard WiFi, but complimentary options may be available to certain passengers.

A. Free WiFi eligibility depends on your ticket class, loyalty status, or promotions. Check with Emirates for specific details.

A. WiFi prices on Emirates Airlines vary, depending on the package and duration. Check onboard for pricing details.

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