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You are planning to fly but have an infant  with you, and you are wondering how you would take care of your baby during the flight or how you can add details of your baby to Emirates flight booking.

A complete guide on how to add infant on Emirates ticket

One important point to remember is add the infant to the booking before you can check-in. So the airline can help you take care of your loved one. Because Emirates can get you a suitable seat, ideal for traveling with an infant.  

You can follow the below given procedure to add the baby on Emirates ticket

How to add infant on emirates ticket

  • Go to Emirates website,
  • Then, select the Manage Booking section.
  • Enter your name and booking reference number.
  • Click the option of Manage Booking.
  • The ticket booked by you will appear on the new page.
  • Choose the option “Add Infant”
  • Mention details of your infant.
  • Attach the relevant documents on the page
  • Make sure to review the form before you submit it.
  • Once checked, hit the submit button, and your infant will be added.

Emirates Infant Policy

Taking care of your infant is your priority and to keep your flying journey smooth remember to go through the Infant Policy of Emirates.

Read the steps given below to know more about the Emirates Infant Policy

  • A child under two years can be considered an infant as per Emirates policy. Hence, does not need a separate seat. 
  • Birth certificate of the infant must be carried by the parents, as airport staff can ask to check it.
  • You have to add the bassinet to your booked ticket. 
  • You can make a separate booking for the infant, if you wish to use the device for the secure seating of your infant.
  • Each adult is allowed to carry only one infant. 
  • There is no charge to add an infant to the Emirates flight.  

How to approve a lap infant seat on Emirates

You must also read the procedure of how to approve a lap infant seat on the airline. 

There are two ways to get the approval for a lap infant seat. One, to avoid any discomfort opt for the lap infant seat while you board the flight. And, second, you can call on +1 800 777 3999 and soon an official will join you. The Emirates staff will help you follow the steps to approve the infant seat. And, once the procedure is completed, your infant will be approved for the lap seat.      

What are the Emirates Infant Baggage Allowance

You get a separate Emirates Infant Baggage Allowance when you have an infant with you.

The Infant Baggage Allowance policy is mentioned below.

  • You are eligible to carry one bag of maximum 10 KG, if you have not booked a seat for your  infant. 
  • Emirates allows one stroller for the infant. 
  • No checked baggage allowance is authorized if the child has no seat booked. 
  • An infant booked seat makes you eligible to take 10 lbs with you. So you can carry the required stuff with you for your baby.

How to Book a Lap Infant Seat on Emirates

Emirates is there to give your infant the care you want. It helps you make your infant`s journey safe.

You can ask for a bassinet or carry your baby on your lap.

You can dial +1 800 777 3999 and speak to the official of Emirates at the airport and get assistance to book a lap infant seat or can opt for the lap infant seat while you book the flight. 

Emirates aims to seat families together however you can carry your own car seat or have your baby seated beside the person who can take care of them. 


A. Yes, you can. Contact Emirates customer service or your booking agent, including +1 (347) 695-1687 to add an infant to your reservation.

A. Infants must be under 2 years old when traveling to qualify for in-flight infant services.

A. There is always a cost connected with adding an infant. Contact Emirates or your booking agent for specific pricing details.

A. Emirates offers bassinets, baby meals, and other amenities for infants. Inquire about specific services when adding your infant to the booking.

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