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American Airlines is one of the world's most reliable and comfortable airlines. American Airlines are dedicated to furnishing passengers with the best facilities.

The service is accessible online and offline. Kindly follow the below-mentioned steps to do it yourself. It just takes a few minutes to update your name on your flight ticket.

  • Kindly log in on the official website of American Airlines.
  • Navigate the "My trips" option on the title bar and enter your required booking details, including first and last name and your reference number. 
  • Click on the reservation button, and your booking details will be available on your screen. 
  • Click on the flight ticket in which you want to edit your name. 
  • Press confirm, and after the update in your name, you will receive a confirmation mail on your respective email ID. 

Note:- Please recheck your name before selecting the confirm option, as you cannot make corrections repeatedly. 

American Airline name correction/updation policy 

American airline tickets are non-transferable ( you cannot transfer your pre-booked flight ticket to another person). 

You are allowed to keep your name on your flight ticket. Additionally, American Airlines has more strict rules and regulations that apply to the service. Kindly read the points below under American Airlines' name change policy. 

Points to be noted:- 

  • You are not allowed a complete change in your first name on your ticket (tickets are non-transferable). 
  • Last names can only be changed in marriage and divorce after booking your ticket. You need to have proper documentation proof in case of marriage or divorce. 
  • As per the American Airlines name change policy, no fees will be charged if you make minor changes to your flight ticket. 
  • In case of significant changes, it will cost you an extra USD 25 as processing charges. Additionally, on domestic tickets, you must pay a correction fee of USD 200 and USD 700 for international flights. 

For Minor Corrections 

Minor corrections when you need to update a spelling mistake, mainly up to three characters on your ticket. For this service, the airline costs no additional charges. 

For Major Corrections 

It includes when you need to change your last name completely. American Airlines supports this only in case of marriage or divorce. You must have a proper identity and documentation proof to make an entire change in your last name. Moreover, the airline charges an extra fee depending on your flight.


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