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Based in Norway, Wideroe is a low-cost airline that flies to 8 destinations in Europe and 41 destinations in Norway. The airline provides various methods for check-in. You can call Wideroe and take help from a live agent to learn everything about check-in procedures.  

Explore the web check-in process of Wideroe.

It makes your travel experience easy if you choose Web check-in online with Wideroe Airlines. You need to follow these simple steps to check-in.

  • Go to Wideroe's official website for online check-in Wideroe Web Check-in 
  • Click log in or type in your booking reference with your last name.
  • Add Extra Baggage if needed or Fast track. 
  • Select the seat you want.
  • You will get an option to save the digital boarding.
  • Show the boarding pass when the security personnel asks for it.

You should be aware of all the check-in methods of Wideroe to save your time and have a smooth boarding. And you must check in at the airport within the given time of flight departure time. Find Wideroe 

Check-in arrival time at the airport. So you don't miss your flight and end up losing your ticket money.   

Explore the check-in time list of different airports to board the Wideroe flight.  

  • From the airport of Norway (STOL - Network), 20 minutes.  
  • From the larger airports in Norway, 30 minutes.   
  • From Bilund, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, 45 minutes. 
  • From Billund, Copenhagen, Gothenburg (Full Flex), 30 minutes. 
  • From Aberdeen, London Heathrow, 45 minutes. 
  • From Alicante, Faroe Islands, 30 minutes. 

Wideroe Minimum required check-in time with baggage.

The minimum required check-in time with Wideroe is mentioned above in the list, but you should also have information on the check-in time with luggage. So you know how much you can carry while flying with us. The baggage policy of Wideroe is straightforward.

Suppose you are a sportsperson and want to travel with a golf bag or skiing equipment or if you are a musician and carrying smaller musical instruments. If and have no other checked baggage, you may check in free of charge, as baggage is included in your booked ticket. 

Have a look at the table below for more information on baggage allowance. 

  • Fare for Mini; no checked baggage is allowed.
  • For Smart/Senior, one checked bag of a maximum of 23 kg is allowed. 
  • For Smart Flex/Full Flex, two checked bags allowed a maximum of 23 kg per bag.  

At Wideroe, we want you to travel trouble-free, so we suggest you carry your valuable belongings, like passports, laptops, money, medicine, jewelry, cameras, and keys, in the carry bag and not packed with your checked baggage. 

Extra Baggage 

In case you are a student studying abroad or working in a different country and haven't visited your family in your home country for a long time.

But this time you have decided to spend time with your loved ones on the occasion of Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Boxing Day and the most special to celebrate love Valentine's day. 

And you want to carry gifts for all your family members. If your plan sounds similar, check the details to carry extra baggage.

  • Checked baggage of a maximum of 23 kg for international travel, $249 to $349.
  • Carry-on bag of a maximum of 8 kg $129 to $149.
  • Sports and Musical instruments, $249 to $349.
  • Bike $399.
  • Weapon $449.
  • Pet in cabin 699.
  • Pet in hold 1499.

Can I pay bag fees with the Wideroe online web check-in?

Don't worry if you have queries on Wideroe online check-in with baggage. It is the quickest and cheapest method, as many airlines charge a heavy fee when you check in with baggage at the airport. You should visit the official website of Wideroe to learn more about the baggage policy.   

Procedure Of Check-in For Wideroe : Wideroe Web Check-in 

Web check-in is easy and quick, and some airlines let you use web check-in at the airport as well. For web check-in, go online and enter relevant details. Once you complete the process, you will be directed to a new page so you can print out your boarding pass.

Wideroe Mobile Check-in

If you wish to check in online with Wideroe, you need an Android or Windows phone and an internet connection with a proper speed and have to follow some basic tips.

  1. Visit the Wideroe website and select mobile check-in. 
  2. Click log in or type in your booking reference with your last name.
  3. Select the seat you want.
  4. You will have the option to save the digital boarding pass.
  5. Present the boarding pass when the security personnel asks for it.

Wideroe kiosk Check-in

If you are not interested in mobile check-in, you can opt to use Kiosk check-in. You must check with the Wideroe website for information on Kiosk check-in.

Generally, it's a touch-screen device that allows passengers to self-check in and make payments with credit or debit cards at no additional charge. 

The Kiosk machine provides a valid boarding pass, and travelers must save their pass to save time at busy airports.

Wideroe Ticket Counter Check-in

If, for any reason, you could not check in via web check-in or mobile check-in and have reached your airport. You can check in there at the airport using these steps. 

  • Reach the check-in counter.
  • If you are traveling in Wideroe Flex/Full Flex or are holding a EuroBonus Silver/Gold/Diamond card, you may use our Priority Check-in counters. 
  • Visit the Assistance counter if you need assistance.

What happens if you don't check in 24 hours before your Wideroe flight?

Wondering what to do next if you don't check with your airline by the cut-off time? You don't want that, but the airline may deny you boarding. And bump you to the next available flight. If you are a ''No Show,'' you will lose the value of your booked ticket.

Can you get Wideroe boarding pass online?

With many check-in methods, Wideroe allows you to show a digital boarding pass. Wideroe's online check-in method is smooth, and you can get a boarding pass online. You can also save the boarding pass on your phone during mobile check-in.

Get a boarding pass at an airport Kiosk.

The Kiosk is your savior. Let's say you are at the airport and carrying multiple bags, and the line of check-in is full of passengers. In this scenario, Kiosk can save you time. 

Go to the nearest available Kiosk, punch in your details and get your boarding pass. That's it. You are ready to board the plane now.   

Get a boarding pass at Airline Check-In Counter.

Check-in at the counter takes more time than check-in at Kiosk and online check-in. But if you have enough time and want to use the counter check-in option, go for it. 

The airline staff will ask for your flight details, and once the process is completed, you will get a boarding pass from the counter.  

What happens if I forget to print my Wideroe boarding pass?

We all forget something, sometimes, but you don't have to worry if you forget to print your Wideroe boarding pass. You can use your mobile to save your digital pass and show it to the checking staff while boarding the flight.  

What Happens If You Fail To Wideroe Web Check-In?

Wideroe Web Check-in is not a mandatory step to follow; you can explore other steps as well. You can use the Kiosk check-in at the airport and save time. You can avoid the long lines. Or you can check in at the counter. 

You must carry your relevant flight documents and get a boarding pass at the counter.     

How early can you check in for Wideroe?

Passengers who want to check in online can check in 48 hours before the scheduled flight departure. Also, you can select your seat and print out your boarding pass or get the pass on the mobile version (note: Some airports may not have a mobile check-in option.

Is web check-in mandatory for Wideroe domestic flights?

If you check within a given time, you can avoid losing some benefits on the plane. It is mandatory for all passengers to check in using any given method. 

Passengers who are flying to domestic destinations also must check in by their preferred option. And use the amenities at the airport.      

What to do after Wideroe web check-in?

Now as you have opted to use web check-in, you must follow all the steps by giving all the required details, and once you are done with the process, make sure to print your pass or save it on your phone. Web check-in also allows you to add your luggage and select your preferred seat. 

What is Wideroe web check-in phone number?

Check-in is mandatory to travel with convenience, it saves your time, and you can enjoy the lounge facilities (if eligible to use the lounge) if you have any queries on the web check-in process. Call +1 (347) 695-1687 and speak to the expert customer care representative for proper details.


A. You can use web check-in 22 hours to 1 hour before your flight's departure.

A. You'll need your booking reference or ticket number and passport details.

A. Yes, you can choose your preferred seat, subject to availability.

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